Designated Survivor: Will We Get A Season 4? Here’s What We Know


Designated Survivor is based on the American political thriller series and it’s new version of episode were appeared in June 2019. Season 3 of the series was appeared on the digital web streaming service Netflix. And, release of third episode there was report that the series would be postponed. This was due to Netflix was calling off many series throughout that time. This became to be the similar for Designated Survivor as well. Netflix broadcasted in July 2019 that the series was null and void.

Designated Survivor first appeared via ABC on September 21, 2016. The series managed the maximum levels of US organization. It tracks an occasion where most people in the US institution, as well as the President, is slaughtered in a bomb explosion. Tom Kirkman (he played by Kiefer Sutherland) is the single survivor and increases to the White House and the rest of the column of series are dead. This and the next enquiry of the tragedy is the basis of the series.

Designated Survivor Reception and Cancellation

The first episode usually had good reviews. This series has received almost 77% rating from Rotten tomatoes. This might have motivated the creators to select a renewal version. The second season appeared as low ratings and a little turn down in the viewing numbers. This encouraged ABC to cancel the series after the second episode appeared in September 2017. Fans were extremely thankful when Netflix stated that they would start the series. This came about in 2018, and the third episode therefore appeared in June 2019.

Designated Survivor Cast & Roles

Lead Role

Kiefer Sutherland in this series will play the lead role of Tom Kirkman who is the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and He become President of the United States all of sudden.

Other Important Roles

Kal Penn: Kirkman’s Speechwriter
Maggie Q: Hannah
Natascha McElhone: Kirkman’s wife
Italia Ricci: Emily
Adan Canto: Aaron Shore
LaMonica Garrett: Mike Ritter
Tanner Buchanan and Mckenna Grace: Kirkman’s Children

Season 3 has got better critics and reviews than season 2. However, it stills needs more, and the ratings acquired up to 70%. Thus, having to this greeting, Netflix officially declared in July 2019 that they would stop the series. Thus, at present, there are no such kinds of information of season 4 of Designated Survivor. Only, we need to wait for series to come back and to understand its right prospective.

Designated Survivor Season 4 Trailer

To be announced Soon