Should You Refrigerate Wine? The Dos and Don’ts of Wine Chilling


Did you become a wine drinker recently?

The health crisis increased American alcohol consumption. However, more people are discovering the elegance of wine.

Appreciating the drink goes beyond the routine of popping the cork and savoring its aroma. Enjoying its full taste also involves proper storage and chilling.

In this guide, we discuss some tips to refrigerate wine. Continue reading for some dos and don’ts:

Do Refrigerate Wine Using a Wine Fridge

Is it okay to refrigerate wine? The answer is yes, by all means. Store your liquor in a specialized wine fridge. Apart from keeping the wine cool, it helps eliminate the flabby and alcoholic taste.

Using the optimal temperature is the key to preserve wine quality. For light-bodied red wines, set your wine cooler a little below 55 F (13 C).

These wines are more acidic and require lower chilling temperatures. Chill them for about 90 minutes.

Use temperatures between 60 and 65 F (16 and 18 C) for full-bodied and fortified wines. Keep the bottles in the wine cooler for about 45 minutes.

Chill full-bodied white wines like Chardonnay in temperatures between 50 and 60 F (10 and 16 C). Fruitier wines like Sauvignon Blanc need lower temperatures, from 45 to 50 F (7 to 10 C). The same applies to champagnes and other sparkling wines.

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Do Plan Early 

Plan whenever you use your kitchen refrigerator. Check for cold spots since they are for your wine bottles.

Alternatively, consider placing them in the crisper bins or near the back of the shelf. Use the freezer when you need a quick chill.

Be careful when using the freezer. Leaving the wine overnight causes the bottle to freeze and explode. Chill the wine for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Do Refrigerate Opened Bottles

Always refrigerate unfinished wine bottles. Sparkling white wine can last up to two days after opening. Meanwhile, full-bodied red wine and white wine remain fresh for up to five days.

When serving your day-old wine, consider your chosen cup. The type of wine glass can affect the taste of the drink.

Don’t Store the Bottles in the Kitchen Fridge for Too Long

Never keep your wine bottles in a kitchen fridge for too long. It keeps items cool by removing humidity, harming the development of the wine. As a result, the cork dries out.

A dry cork leaves a weird, musty smell on the bottle. Avoid this by consuming the wine within a few days or so.

Don’t Store the Bottle Upright

Avoid storing the wine bottle upright for too long. This position keeps the wine from touching the cork. It makes the latter dry, leaving a musty scent.

Always store or chill your wine bottles on their side.

Increase Your Food and Beverage Knowledge Now

Learning how to refrigerate wine allows you to serve the drink properly. You can retain its taste and enjoy it for days after opening. Use these tips to maintain its peak condition.

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