What makes Herkimer Diamonds Special?


What feeling does a real diamond evoke? The sheer mention of this precious mineral brings to mind brilliance, luxury, and finesse, among other words. But there’s more to diamonds besides elevating our wardrobes, right? If you’ve never heard of Herkimer diamonds, you’re not alone. Named after Herkimer County, New York, where they were first found hundreds of years ago, Herkimer diamonds have a unique and instantly recognizable appearance. First off, though, if you’re searching for crystal net see Innervision Crystals for a collection of excellent accessories

Now, what makes Herkimer diamonds so sought-after? Full disclosure, Herkimer diamonds are a type of quartz crystals, making the term a misnomer. Given that they’re not the ‘real deal,’ what makes them so sought-after? Let’s look at the actual and perceived qualities of these crystals.

Actual Value

The quality of Herkimer diamonds comes down to a few elements: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Here’s a quick look at the four aspects.

  • Cut: The hardness of Herkimer diamonds allows them to be cut into most gemstone forms. They are faceted to bring out their glitter regularly, but they may also be cut into various shapes or used in their natural form.
  • Color and Gleam: The Herkimer diamond is quartz formed in rock pockets commonly referred to as dolostone. This form of limestone is high in magnesium. Historical accounts note that dolostone was formed when a specific area was submerged 400 million years ago. Small quartz crystals began to grow as the rock took shape, and they were subsequently infused with other minerals, including carbon, giving them their distinctive hue and glitter.

The color of Herkimer depends on the quality. Transparent and colorless specimens exist, as well as smoky ones. The diamond-like variety is more glass-like and lacks the depth and radiance of diamonds. High-quality examples, on the other hand, have a wonderful luster. All in all, the clear variety tends to be more highly prized than the smoky type.

  • Clarity: Herkimer is usually transparent and has excellent clarity. On the other hand, specimens can include impurities and flaws such as air bubbles, black carbon deposits, or rainbow inclusions. High-quality Herkimer should be discernable to the naked eye. In short, they shouldn’t have visible imperfections when checked out by an unaided eye.
  • Carat: Herkimer diamonds are prized for their size because of their rarity. The larger the gem, the pricier the accessory they are used to make.

Perceived Value

We tend to put a price on something based on the value we attach to it. Thus, the commonly held notion that Herkimer diamonds can promote overall wellbeing explains the attachment and value placed on these crystals. Let’s look at some of the perceived value of Herkimer diamonds.

  • Physical wellness: In some quarters, the Herkimer crystal is thought to be a wonderful pain reliever. It works by relieving signs of discomfort when placed over a painful area of the body. This potent cleanser is also credited for removing pollutants, boosting immune defenses, and restoring metabolic equilibrium.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Health: It’s believed that the Herkimer diamond can help you achieve emotional wellbeing. Essentially, it may make it easier to relax, thus getting rid of anxiety. Interestingly, the high vibration of this stone may also increase your spiritual energy, giving you a more intense connection to the divine.
  • Dream Recall: The dream state arguably provides a powerful tool for exploring the subconscious mind and gaining insights into our lives. Herkimer diamonds are said to be instrumental in dream recall, providing clarity and insight into the messages being delivered in our dreams. Plus, they may amplify the energies of other stones through meditation.
  • Building Relationships: To believers, the Herkimer diamond represents the things you must endure to find happiness. Many individuals utilize it to bring romance, love, and passion into their lives and heal past emotional turmoil. Keeping the crystal close to your heart can drive away feelings of sadness, pain, and anxiety from relationships.
  • Maintaining Connections: Legend has it that the Herkimer diamond is a striking stone that connects individuals who must be apart for an extended time. Proponents of this belief advise you to keep two crystals together in preparation for such separation. After that, you should keep one of the stones each to preserve your union.

Do you buy into the actual or perceived value of Herkimer diamonds? Well, at least you now know why they’re deemed special. If you’re looking to own a piece of natural history or plan to enhance a facet of your life or a loved one’s, Herkimer diamonds are worth considering.