All about Polo Shirts- History, Way to Wear with Advantages


Polo shirts or polo sports shirts are the same. These are one of the most wanted shirts, especially in the USA (United States of America). Polo shirts are famous among men, as well as women. They are an ideal wardrobe staple, as they can either be worn casually or formally. A polo shirt is an impeccable equilibrium between casual and formal. A polo shirt is formal than a crewneck tee, and it is casual in comparison to a dress shirt. In the summer, it works perfectly. The polo shirt, as the name indicates are the shirts, which are worn by the players of polo. However, it is also popular among golfers and tennis players.

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The Popularity of a Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is not only popular as a wardrobe staple, and it has also earned its place as a fashion classic. You will hardly find a man or woman who does not own a polo shirt. It is a versatile piece of clothing, as it is formal as well as casual.

History of a Polo Shirt

The very first polo shirts share their history with the 19th century when they were worn by the British Army, and they are named after the game of polo that originated in India.

Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

There are 7 different ways of wearing a polo shirt. Here are those ways for you:

  1. Open Collar Polo: You can pair an open collar polo shirt with chinos and loafers. It will also aid you to make a fashion statement to the people in your social circle.
  2. Mix and Match the Polo with a Suit: You can start with a navy, gray or a black suit, and while wearing a suit you should wear a polo shirt in place of a  shirt and tie. You should also make sure the color of a polo shirt matches your suit.
  3. Go for A Striped Polo: You should intelligently choose the right polo shirt with stripes. We suggest you, go with the block stripe polo that can be paired with chinos, jeans, trainers, and loafers. 
  4. What Type of a Polo Should You Choose If You Are Pale? If you are pale in appearance, and you want to go with a white-colored polo with the light shades, then we suggest you, pair your white-colored polo with sand chinos.
  5. Polo Shirt and Pleats: How many more ways can you think of for wearing a polo shirt? What about pleated trousers? You can also pair a polo shirt with pleated trousers and smart shoes to get a stylish look.
  6. What about Terry Towelling Polo Sports Shirts? The Terry Towelling polo shirts are not anything new. These polo shirts can enhance your simplicity. You can pair these polos, especially in pink color with the navy-colored or white-colored shorts, in addition to leather sandals.
  7. Piped Polo Shirts Will Also Do: If you are into fashion, then you cannot ignore the importance of piped polo shirts in the world of fashion. These polos go well with shorts, as well as jeans.

These are different ways in which one can wear polo shirts. Now let us see some of the advantages that polo shirts give to their wearers:

  • Polo shirts can be worn casually and formally that makes them versatile pieces of clothing.
  • They are ideal shirts to wear if you are a tennis player or a golfer or a polo player.
  • You can make a fashion statement in a number of ways with the aid of polo sports shirts.
  • Polo shirts can keep you cool in the summer.
  • If you search online, then you will discover that these shirts are available online for bulk discounts owing to their popularity.

These are the obvious advantages of polo Sports shirts. Now let us recall what we have mentioned thus far in this post.

Conclusion about Polo Sports Shirts

Polo shirts are one of the most wanted shirts in the U.S. (United States). Without any discrimination you can find its very much popular among men and women. A polo shirt is not only a wardrobe staple. It is also a fashion statement. The history of a polo shirt dates back to the nineteenth century, and it can be worn in 7 different ways. The most obvious pieces of clothing that you can pair with the polo shirts are chinos, jeans, loafers, smart shoes, sandals, and suits. You can get certain benefits if you get your hands on polo shirts. In the first place, a polo shirt is a versatile piece of clothing. Secondly, it comes for a low price if you purchase it from an online store. You can make a personal statement in the fashion industry with the aid of a polo shirt. A polo shirt will let you remain comfortable in the summer. Last but not least, polo shirts are famous among golfers, tennis players, and polo players.