Exquisite and Stately Rani Haar Design Options for the Royal You


Some may argue that a necklace is one of the greatest assets of a woman. And with the many options and designs to choose from, this can be a very valid statement! Ranging from simple necklaces to gorgeous and heavy pieces, these are incredibly versatile and make you look a million bucks! However, when talking about heavy pieces, we cannot leave out the exquisite Rani Haar! Unlike other gold or diamond necklaces, these pieces are long and go till just above your belly button. This makes it a perfect option for your bridal jewellery!

So, have a look at some breath-taking Rani Haar design options with us:

  1. Rani Haar with Pearls

Pearl jewellery is one of the most elegant choices for any piece, and a Rani Haar is no exception! For these designs, you can choose between having pearls strung along the chain part of the necklace or in the bottom, hanging part. Either way, these look exquisite, especially when combined with gold accents and other clear or white stones.

  1. Panchlada Rani Haar Design

The name for this rani haar design comes from the Hindi words panch and lada/ladi, which mean five and strings/threads, respectively. As the name suggests, this design includes five exquisitely-strung threads which make up the entire design. When paired with a matching choker or collar necklace, it makes for a bridal necklace like no other!

  1. Satlada Rani Haar Design

If you thought the Panchlada was fancy, here comes the Satlada rani haar design! This is very much like the Panchlada, except it comes with seven strings instead of five, since sat means seven in Hindi. Additionally, similar to the Panchlada, this rani haar can also be accompanied by matching choker necklaces and other accessories to bring out its beauty.

  1. Rani Haar Design in Kundan

Pearl is often the best embellishment to any jewellery, especially those set in gold. But another embellishment that exudes elegance is the Kundan design! With an appearance that can be best described as subtle elegance, these pieces do not rely on being extravagant or loud, rather pulling you in with its simple but exquisite traditional design.

So, there you have it! Rani haars have become one of the trendiest options for brides and it is no surprise – a stunning rani haar design that matches your bridal outfit is enough to make you look radiant on your wedding day, especially if your outfit is simple ! So, consider these options when shopping for your bridal jewellery and wow everyone on your special day!