How to Get Female Facial Hair Under Control Once and for All


Did you know that, on average, each person has about five million hair follicles? However, only about 100,000 of those shafts or openings are on the scalp. The rest are on the face, arms, hands, upper body, legs, and even the toes.

Thus, it’s no wonder that ladies have, in many cases, unwanted female facial hair. But if you’re one of them, worry not, as there are several ways to eliminate those strands.

We’ll tell you how to get rid of female facial hair below, so read on to learn your options.


Threading is an ancient female facial hair removal technique. According to scientists, it originated from India. It then migrated to the Middle East and China.

Since then, threading has become an inexpensive option for females with facial hair. It costs less than many other methods, as it only utilizes a string for precise hair removal. Its precision is also the chief reason women opt for it to shape and eliminate excess eyebrow hair.


Tweezing is a hair removal method that uses tweezers. They’re small hand tools that can grasp hair strands and cost only a few dollars. You can get them online or at any pharmacy.

Since you can tweeze yourself, it’s cheaper than all other methods listed here. However, you need to pluck one strand at a time, so it’s best for taming your eyebrows. You can also use it to remove chin hairs or even strands on the upper lip area if you have more time.


Waxing is a hair removal method that involves applying resin wax to the treatment area. It can either be hot or cold. Aside from the brows and upper lip area, you can wax other body areas, such as the underarms, legs, and arms.

After applying the wax, a small strip of fabric or paper goes on top. You then have to smooth this down in the same direction as the hair you want to remove. Then, a few seconds later, you can pull it off in the opposite direction.

As long as done correctly, the wax should remove the entire hair strand from the tip to the root. It can be pretty painful, though, so prepare yourself for some discomfort.

Since waxing pulls out entire hair strands, its effects last for about four to six weeks. For a more in-depth guide on its benefits, you can read about facial waxing here.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses a device that produces a concentrated beam of laser. The hair’s melanin, the pigment responsible for its color, absorbs the light. At the same time, the laser gets converted into heat energy.

That energy destroys the entire hair strand, including its follicles. As a result, it impairs the follicles’ hair regrowth process. So, aside from forcing the hair to fall out, it also lengthens the time it needs to regrow.

Thus, the effects of laser hair removal last much longer than threading or waxing. However, prepare a bigger budget since it’s more expensive.

Eliminate Unwanted Female Facial Hair Today

As you can see, you have many options to remove unwanted female facial hair, from threading to waxing. Remember that none of these are permanent, but they make you hair-free for several weeks.

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