Ivory vs White Wedding Dress: What Are the Differences?


83 percent of brides in the United States wear white for their wedding day. But, what shade of white?

Believe it or not, there are different shades of white when it comes to wedding dresses. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress, you should consider the differences between ivory vs. white wedding dress to help you decide.

Finding the perfect dress can be a journey, but we can help you narrow your search until you’re ready to say yes to your wedding dress! Here’s our white wedding dress guide.

Ivory vs. White Wedding Dress

So, what’s the difference between ivory and white when it comes to wedding dresses? the main difference between the two is that a stark white wedding dress is achieved by bleaching the fabric. The bright white is often achieved through fabrics like satin, polyester, and taffetas.

The crisp white wedding dress’s popularity has declined over the years because of the rising popularity of the ivory-colored wedding dress.

The ivory-colored wedding dress is also known as “eggshell white”. The ivory shade is a more natural shade of white and often has yellow undertones. The yellow undertones create a creamy look and feel to the color.

Some ivory shades don’t have a yellow undertone and instead look more like a “soft white”. Believe it or not, this color with or without yellow undertones will still photograph as white. This shade of wedding dress has become increasingly popular over the years.

How to Decide

How should you decide what shade and tone of white your wedding dress should be? It depends on the complexion of your skin tone (and preference, of course).

For a softer, lighter, and more pink skin undertone, a stark white may wash you out. Ivory will complement your skin and give it a more balanced glow. This also applies to those with olive-toned skin.

Darker skin looks stunning against bright white, but ivory may complement your skin undertones better.

There are exceptions to these rules and it’s possible to look beautiful in the color you love the most. If you’re unsure about your skin’s undertone or you’re not sure what will look best with your complexion, speak to a wedding dress consultant

Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Now that you know the most popular wedding dress color, it’s time to break down the most popular wedding dress styles.

The most popular styles are ball gown, A-line, mermaid, trumpet, and fit and flare. All of these styles complement different parts of the bride and it’s completely up to what the bride feels her best in.

As the wedding dress trends differ from year to year, there are many things to consider like what type of sleeves the bride wants, the shape of the neckline, and any additions to the dress like slits or floral patterns.

If you’re looking for a modest style, try searching for a short sleeve wedding dress.

Finding the Right Dress

Between ivory vs. white wedding dress, it is completely up to the bride to decide what they love the most. But understanding what shade of white will complement the bride’s skin tone can help the bride feel confident and beautiful on the big day and in wedding photos.

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