3 Key Defining Qualities of Colloidal Silver


Doctors have used silver as an antimicrobial agent for more than 100 years, and traditional medicine has relied on it for thousands. While not every use of colloidal silver has worked out, many applications have shown promise in clinical studies.

Does all of that make this chemical an underexposed medical gem or another piece of junk science? Many have turned to the Internet looking for colloidal silver information. We’ll cover three key points on how this substance works and let you decide.

1. Colloidal Silver Antimicrobial Properties

Even ancient people knew that silver worked to stop the spread of disease. Early food service items used silver to keep diners safe.

Colloidal silver qualities that inhibit bacterial and fungal growth come in three forms. Each has to do with the way silver acts once it touches these small disease-causing organisms.

When silver gets on microbes, it can create pores in them or even puncture them. This can kill many microbes.

If it doesn’t kill the microbe when it enters, it can instead inhibit some processes in the cell. This makes bacteria weaker.

Certain colloidal silver features also change the DNA of a microbe. As a microbe with damaged DNA will reproduce less effectively, this still contributes to the eradication of the disease.

With antibiotic resistance improving among many species of bacteria, alternative methods of killing or weakening bacteria will become more important.

2. Colloidal Silver Wound Treatment

While research has been mixed, some colloidal silver benefits work for treating wounds. Using it like this requires some care, though, as it can sometimes have the opposite effect.

It works best for mild wounds and infections that have already started to take root. Major wounds, such as burns, tend to react poorly to silver, so use this only if directed to by a doctor.

3. Alternative Uses For Colloidal Silver

While the first two sections focused on human uses of these products, those same anti-microbial properties can help in other situations as well. Even if you don’t take it for your health, you may still have a use for it.

If you enjoy gardening, for instance, consider using it as an antifungal. One study showed that a small amount of silver was enough to prevent major diseases when applied to the roots.

If you’re the sort of person who gets nervous about bacterial contamination on fresh fruits and veggies, try a colloidal silver wash. Diluting it to five parts per million and soaking the fruit for five minutes can kill many organisms. Make sure to rinse before you eat!

Use With Care

While the best ways to use colloidal silver have been a topic of study with mixed results, this 3500-year-old treatment option works quite well for some cases. Whether it’s in humans or plants, silver can help people live better, healthier lives.

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