5 Ways to do a Scalp Facial at Home

Scalp Facial
5 Ways to do a Scalp Facial at Home

Scalp facials are one of the fastest-growing beauty trends. They have been around for years, but they have just recently become popular in Canada. A scalp facial is a treatment that improves the appearance and health of your hair follicles by working on your scalp’s circulation and drainage systems. The treatments can be done at home with many different products that you probably already own! For this post, we will talk about four ways to do a scalp facial from home! There is also a medical spa-based scalp facial you can check at the vibrant salon & spa website. If you can spend on this quality treatment, then you should give it a try.

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In order to do a scalp facial, it is best to put on some kind of mask. This will provide extra hydration for your hair and help clear clogged pores. You can either use a store-bought or homemade product that already has ingredients such as yogurt, honey, aloe vera juice, etc… For this method, you should leave the mask on for at least an hour so that it penetrates deep into the skin and does not just sit around on top. Be sure to avoid putting anything with alcohol in if possible because this can cause dryness!

Massaging Your Scalp

Another way you can give your scalp a quick facelift is by massaging your head from roots to ends. Remember, you should be using warm water and a gentle, moisturizing shampoo. This will help to stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth as well!

Using Oil             

If you have an oily scalp, it may be because your sebum glands are overactive or clogged pores. To avoid this problem while also giving your head some extra love, use olive oil or coconut oil on the scalp at least once per week. Massage gently for about 15 minutes, then let sit overnight before washing off in the morning with cold water. If that doesn’t work, try tea tree oils which can act as an anti-fungal agent against fungus such as dandruff caused by yeast infections! For those who want more oily hair then they should try using an oil masque once per week.

Using Vinegar   

If you have dandruff or an itchy scalp, vinegar may be the answer! Mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water and use a cotton ball to rub on the affected area for up to five minutes (or until your head feels refreshed). Then rinse off with cold water. This is helpful against itchiness and because it can act as a natural hair tonic by balancing pH levels in hair follicles. It’s worth noting that this should never turn into a daily routine since too much acidity could harm hair over time.

Olive Oil Treatment

Those who want smooth, soft skin as they get from the salon should try a scalp facial at home with olive oil. It’s also a natural hair conditioner that even helps prevent any future damage from occurring. Olive oil treatment is just simple. You have to massage your scalp with organic oil at least twice a week. You need to repeat this treatment for up to 3 months to see better results.

Benefits of scalp facial

A scalp facial is good for those with dry skin, and it can help fight dandruff. The treatment moisturizes the hair better than any other product on earth, so if you have a dry scalp or need to maintain healthy hair growth, this is the best option.