6 Reasons why a Natural Fruit Scrub is Best for your Face

Natural face scrub
Natural face scrub

The practice of exfoliation and scrubbing dates back to ancient times. People used something coarse to exfoliate their skin. A facial scrub is an indispensable step in a healthy skincare routine. It not only removes the stubborn dirt from the pores but also revitalizes your skin. Restoring your natural glow is one of the multiple other skin benefits it offers. Natural face scrub improves dry skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities, making the skin soft, smooth and even-looking.

  • Smoother skin is just one step away:

Pollution, harsh condition, dirt, dead skin cells accumulate on the skin as sebum, the naturally occurring oil in our skin, builds up a layer of oil on the skin surface every day, making the skin feel and look dull and dry. A gentle exfoliator or face scrub for skin removes this build-up, revealing newer, fresher, smoother and healthier-looking skin.

  • Unclogs skin pores with love and care:

Spots may appear on our skin when the pores get clogged from dirt and grime from pollution, a build-up of sebum, as well as sweat and general everyday activities. A natural face scrub helps gently remove this build-up and thoroughly cleans your skin. Regular usage of a good natural face scrub, like Indus Valley Ultra Rich Replenishing Fruit Scrub unclogs pores, exfoliates, removes excess sebum and brings about youthful, fresh and healthy skin.

  • No more blemishes:

Natural face scrub breaks down dry and dead skin and smoothens the texture, making the skin look more even over time. The presence of vitamins and minerals in the natural ingredients of an organic face scrub for skin helps reduce acne, scars, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation, helping you achieve gorgeous, blemish-free skin.

  • Say hello to rejuvenated happy skin:

The vitamin and antioxidants along with riboflavin and carotene present in natural face scrub help skin retain moisture and improve blood flow. Indus Valley Ultra Rich Replenishing Fruit Scrub moisturizes your skin from the deep, decreases fine lines, removes dead skin cells and makes the skin look youthful, fresh and healthy.

  • Fights signs of ageing: 

Usually, our skin regenerates every 25-30 days. It needs a little boost when the process slows down as we get older. The antioxidants present in the ingredients of a natural face scrub eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and help rejuvenate the skin regeneration process, providing the skin with a new boost of life.

  • Seven active ingredients for flawless skin:

Indus Valley Ultra Rich Replenishing Fruit Scrub is full of goodness with seven organically grown active ingredients which gently take care of your skin health and enhance your appearance.

Passion Fruit Juice:

Rich in vitamins C & A, passion fruit juice helps retain moisture, improves blood flow, soothes irritated skin and slows down the ageing process. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce wrinkles and provide you with a younger look.

Wheat Germ Oil:

Enriched with nutritional elements of healthy fats, vitamins A, E, D, K and minerals help skin repair, boost healing, prevent scarring, minimize wrinkles and reduce oxidative stress maintaining glowing and healthy skin.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil contains a natural form of vitamin E that helps treat acne and scars. The antioxidants present in the oil facilitate collagen synthesis and fight oxidative stress, thus providing you with beautifully moisturized skin.

Almond Oil:

Rich in vitamins A and E, omega fatty acids, and zinc, it stimulates new skin cell production, prevents sun damage, stops premature ageing, heals acne and other facial scars by enhancing your overall appearance.

Sandalwood Powder:

The anti-ageing properties of sandalwood powder help prevent wrinkles, fight the damages caused by free radicals, give protection from sun damage and soothe breakouts, allergies and skin irritations. It effectively removes blackheads and acne, thus gently protecting your skin and enhancing skin qualities.

Grapefruit Seed:

Grapefruit seed is a good source of antioxidants. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties help fight inflammation and skin infections. Its abundant supply of vitamin E and proteins nourish your skin from deep within.

Shea Butter:

Ample with vitamin A and E, moisturizing properties, fatty acids and phenolics, shea butter hydrates your skin, cleans clogged pores, moisturizes your skin and makes it soft and supple.

Indus Valley Ultra Rich Replenishing Fruit Scrub comes enriched with naturally nourishing ingredients. The goodness of organically grown natural ingredients makes this natural face scrub safe for every skin type. The addition of this face scrub for skin to your weekly skincare routine can provide you with healthy and glowing skin.

Cautionary Note: Exfoliating too often could have a damaging effect on the skin. Therefore, we recommend using our fruit scrub for the face once or twice a week to reap its full benefits without damaging the skin.

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