Free Assignment Hacks for Top Grades in High School


All work no play makes Jack a dull boy

Now, let’s restate that with our current condition, please.

All assignments and no break makes Jack a dull, dull, dull boy!

If by dull, you mean like, low-grades? Then, you got us right.

“All day at school along with my cheerleading practice, when I get home I’m still not free from the burden!! The pending assignments are all over the place! Fine, let me get a D, I don’t care anymore”


Just change the sport, and every other student would relate to the saying.

Grades Matter or What?

Of course Grades Matter!

But, when all the energy is drained out from a long day at school (especially when you are into some extra-curricular activities) nobody would be able to pull off a great assignment. At that time, grades won’t matter and we would just put up anything we found easily on the piece of paper, right?

Students are left with only two choices, either they search for cheap assignment writing service UK base which matches their pocket OR search for some assignment hacks. (No, not cyber hacking)

Now, they don’t need a regular tip to get their assignment done, they need the ultimate X-dragon Box of Sacred Hacks to complete their assignment with amazing quality that will lead to a guaranteed top grade.

Say the Magic Words:

“Open Sesame”

Let’s get our Assignment Hacks Straight!

There is always a way to do things just like a plan A, B, C and so on…

Honestly, we end up with little energy and less time for our assignments after school. So, our goal should be on utilizing the remaining energy and time smartly.


Let’s find out!

List out Your Assignments and Get to Planning!

A very easy and very simple step.

Before getting into each topic and start burning your head, take a calm moment and start with your assignments list. Arrange the list in a manner that each and every assignment is scheduled according to its priority base regarding the deadline.

Afterwards, you need to make a plan. (Not for a bank robbery) But, for your assignments list! By figuring out which task would take the most time and which could be done under an hour. Keep the deadlines under focus.

Once the list is complete, you can frequently start with your selections without anything overlapping your plan.

Get your Utensils Out

All the books and supplies you might need to start with your assignment should already be out of your cupboard. For instance, if you start with a mathematics assignment, what could be the most important thing you might need? A calculator, geometry supplies, and definitely a sharped pencil.

You need to align your resources!

You need a Quiet Spot

Many of us would prefer to do our assignments in front of the TV, but that would distract our attention. What we want is a quality filled assignment not just anything related to the topic. You have to be choosy and to be in this state you need a quiet spot.

With few distractions rather than “The Simpsons” which is not possible to ignore. So, less is better. The faster you get it done, the faster you’ll get back to watching, Bart being mischievous.

Time to Turn-Off Your Phone

We all know this is the last thing you would want to do but if you need a good assignment in your hands you have to empty your hands first. This means you would have to put your phone aside and switch it off.

Because, if your phone is on (no matter how far you put it) you would still be willing to reach out every 5-minutes.

Want Music? Go for Classics

Why not pop or electronic jazz?

Because they will create distractions. Whereas, classical music plays a different role. According to researchers, classical music is great as background audio. The students who listen to classical music are found to score higher than others at school.

So, find some good classical playlist and set your background tone to perfection.

Who said Snacks aren’t allowed?

Directly getting your head into assignments would drain you out before time.

Get yourself some healthy, light snacks by your side and drink plenty of water. This will revitalize your brain and your body. You might want to avoid energy drinks or soda and sugary snacks because they will just crash you before time.

A Short-Break Always Feels Good!

Don’t just stay still for your assignment.

Take a short-break!

You might have a lot to do which must be creating pressure but indulging hours and hours to one thing might lower you down.

Work in short sprints. A little stretch and walk are always good (now, get back to work). For a start, take 25 minutes into work with a short break of 5 minutes.

Done? Reward Yourself Right-Away

Assignments aren’t always fun!

But, getting something done which was on your pending list for far too long is a victory to be celebrated. (No, don’t overdo it with confetti)

If you reward yourself this time, you will sure to do your assignment a lot faster for next time. As our brain works off a reward system. Rewards as in an ice-cream or your favourite Netflix Show!! (If it’s Big Bang Theory, BAZINGA!)


Did you realize how easy these hacks are? We can pull these off every-single-day!

If you can follow these tips for your assignments, then, nothing can stop you from getting good grades. Considering the fact that these tips need to get you a quality filled write-up because it merely blocks all distractions and somehow emerges the energy within you to get it done.

Surely, Your D grade will turn its shape to an A.

The work is done!