How to Keep Kids Active at Home


Have you noticed your little one is becoming more dependant on the family iPad? Or has the weather forecast has been bitter cold?

Keeping your child active can be a hassle. However, it’s detrimental to get your children moving in order to keep them healthy, growing, and properly developing.

Not sure how to keep kids active at home? Keep reading for some of the most fun and creative ideas to get your kids up and moving around.

Get Involved

One of the easiest ways to get your child active is to set an example. If you tell them they spend too much time in front of screens while scrolling through your social media, they’re not going to listen.

Not only does playing with your children help encourage them to keep moving, but it also strengthens your relationship. Your kids will enjoy the time they get to spend playing with you and look forward to running around.

Find Creative Games

While simple games like tag or sports variations can be fun, they grow boring quickly. Children tend to have shorter attention spans, so creative physical activities for kids are a must.

From using fluffy yarn balls to have a snowless-snowball fight to racing through obstacle courses with RiiRoo scooters, there are plenty of fun physical activity games that you can come up with to get kids moving.

Video Games

While searching “how to keep kids active,” you may be able to turn to their gaming systems. Though you may want to deter children from spending time in front of screens, many consoles utilize motion control.

Whether you play virtual sports on a rainy day or have an afternoon dance party, using video games is an easy way to get kids excited to be physically active.

Get Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is an easy way to get your little one excited about the activity. Though taking kids on nature hikes or walks through the park is a great option, not everyone lives near safe spots to bring children.

Instead, you can create your own backyard nature scavenger hunt or ask your children to help you walk the dog in your neighborhood. Either way, getting kids outdoors is a great way to get them off screens.

How to Keep Kids Active at Home, Made Easy

There are many fun and creative ways to get your children moving. Be sure to try different activities and options to see what your child prefers, and from there, you can make adjustments to keep them interested.

Remember, when talking to your children about fitness and physical activity, it’s crucial to emphasize health over appearance. Encourage your children to stay active to grow up big and strong, as opposed to striving for skinny.

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