Get a smart TV to enjoy cartoons from OTT platforms on the big screen!


Smart TVs are the latest tech on the block and are extremely popular. For all the right reasons, there are so many things that a smart TV can do. In addition, smart TVs are also very popular amongst kids – primarily because they allow kids to watch their favourite cartoons, even the ones on OTT.

If you’re a cartoon lover then watching your favourite cartoons on the smart TV is a completely rejuvenating experience. And imagine getting to watch your favourite cartoon on the larger screen, thanks to a smart TV!

However, there is a catch as a smart TV could be expensive.

Smart TVs can be a bit costly

Is the price of the smart TV making you wary of getting one for yourself? Well, you are not alone in this, as many consider buying a smart TV, a luxury. In addition, the increasing prices of our daily commodities, market uncertainties, and rising inflation can make you think. Furthermore, some have even stepped back on their plans to upgrade to a smart TV.

The overall situation seems a bit gloomy, after all. However, we bring you some good news. Well, you can finally buy an Android set-top box and get the whole smart TV experience right at your home.

Enjoy cartoons on OTT with a Smart Android Box

Gift your child the joy of having a smart TV by bringing home an Android box. This device will have all the features you wanted from a smart TV but at a very low budget. Here are some of the biggest features of an Android box that make it worth your penny:

  1. All the smart TV features that you wanted at a price that you couldn’t have believed previously.
  2. It will allow you to stream content directly from OTT platforms. Why just stick to cartoons then? You can watch cricket matches on Disney+ Hotstar, your favourite Netflix shows, the new Amazon Prime Video serial and so much more.
  3. The Android boxes come with Android TV OS, which means the complete software experience that you would get on a smart Android TV.
  4. Built-in Chromecast is there too, so that you can cast your favourite media on your TV without the involvement of wires.
  5. Get access to more than 5000 apps which have been designed for Android TV.
  6. You will also get a very useful Google Assistant, who will take instructions for you and provide a hands-free experience.

Thus, with a new Android box in your home, you can enjoy old cartoon shows that used to air on multiple channels, old TV shows, play music, watch educational videos and do a lot more.

So, are you excited by all that a smart TV can offer? Try out the Airtel Xstream Android box, which is priced at just ₹1,500 and provides you, the ultimate smart TV solution. Get your new Airtel DTH connection today!