Gigantic Ways To Throw The Best Punjabi Wedding Ever


Punjabis are simple, good nature yet fun-loving people who believe in simplicity and expressing their emotions with enthusiasm. Alike to their nature, their Shaadi (wedding) reflects their life philosophy. Punjabi Shaadi is loud, colorful over the top fun which is filled with lots of chances for singing and dancing and they express their feelings one’s heart out. Punjabi weddings may be beautiful or lavish, but they guarantee unlimited fun and celebration and enjoyment. 

Table of Contents

Choose a Personalized Program

A personalized program can be worthwhile if you create a wedding program in advance. Punjabi Shaadi is full of Venerable Pre-wedding Rituals such as Roka and Thaka, Mangni/Sagai, Shagun and Chunni Chadai, Sangeet, Mehendi, Gana Bandhan, Ghodi Charna, Varmala, Madhuperk, Varmala, Sath Phere. By personalizing all ceremonies with interesting details including personal choices about you and your partner, a categorization of the ceremony’s proceedings. In this way by capturing all ceremonies and functions in a personalized way you are more likely to grab guests “s attention. 

Plan a Well-Planned Seating Chart

If you are organizing dinner in a plated meal, buffet, or family-style servings this all is good but a smart seating chart is vital to ensuring your guests have a good time.

Book the most skilled photographer

Your matrimony album does reveal the cherished memories of your Shaadi day, so don’t underestimate the importance of a skilled photographer. Research mindfully and look for someone who understands exactly what you want in your photographs. Pre-wedding shoots are one of the best ideas because you’ll get to know how much your photographer is skilled.

Be faithful to your decision

Your wedding is concerned with the two of you and the decision of life which is irreversible. Before jumping to the final decision make sure you are not forced by someone and you have taken your decision wisely. If your bride/groom’s choice lies in NRI then marry NRI this is how you can actually be faithful to your decision. NRI matrimonial spread their propensity towards adhering to age-old traditions, customs, rituals and moreover respect those NRI grooms and brides looking for a perfect life partner.

Make your Guests Comfortable

It does not matter what period of year you are tying the knot, it’s important to figure out what your guests may want to stay comfortable throughout the evening.

Give a chance to guests favorite song

Get your guests to shuffle on the dance floor, play the songs they actually want to hear.

Play Wedding Games

When guests are tired and need a break from dancing, fun games are more interactive to play. Various options like backgammon, oversize Jenga, bocce ball are fun ways to get your family and friends to interact and enjoy with each other.

Make a Memorable Exit

Now you have decor your Punjabi Shaadi very delightfully, not a single person wants your marriage night to over. Do fun and festive farewell such as the fireworks show, confetti send-off or sparkler exit. and make some amazing photos.