3 Benefits of Adding Reds and Greens Powders to Your Diet


Did you know that the majority of adults don’t get enough vegetables? Yes, 87% of adults don’t meet the FDA recommendations, according to a CDC study.

Are you one of those eighty-seven percent? The odds are that you are.

Getting your vegetables in when you barely have time to sit down and eat a meal is hard. But you still have to eat your reds and greens. Veggie powders make that easier.

Learn the benefits of adding them to your diet below.

The Struggle for Veggies in the US

Not to be a bummer, but even if you have great intentions, it’s getting harder to get enough fresh produce in your diet. There are supply chain issues, global warming climate problems, and a shortage of farmers.

While you shouldn’t freak out, it wouldn’t hurt to buy one can of canned veggies each time you go to the grocery store, in case these things get worse.

In the meantime, you can add reds powders, greens powders, and general superfoods powders to your diet. Sure, it’s great to have the real thing, but some is better than none!

1. Reds and Greens Powders Give You Antioxidants

Have you ever heard of the term “free radicals?” We’re not talking about people who like to start protests. In this context, free radicals are harmful chemicals and organisms in your body that can shorten your lifespan.

They do so by leading to cancer, chronic diseases, and weakening your heart. Thankfully, these free radicals are absorbed by antioxidants, which are found in fruits and vegetables. Red and green veggies have high antioxidant content, which is one reason you should add them to your diet.

2. Getting More Veggies Means Higher Energy Levels

Our bodies evolved to exist on primarily organic matter, with some meat here and there. 90% of humanity lived without processed sugars, flours, or culinary chemicals. Our bodies haven’t evolved to process those man-made materials, which means they take a lot of energy to digest.

When you introduce more organic fruits and veggies into your diet, like with this fitppl powder, your gut gets a break. Now, instead of zapping your energy trying to digest that Bearclaw, your body can free it up for other uses.

3. It Helps You Poop

If you’re not eating leafy greens and fibrous vegetables, you’re probably constipated. Your poop should look like a four on this scale. If it doesn’t, you’re likely low on fiber.

Greens powders deliver that fiber to your gut right where you need it. Being more regular can help you sleep better, reduce bloating, and make you feel more energetic.

Adding Powders to Your Diet

If you’ve been reading this article asking, “are reds and greens powders better than the real thing?” the answer is no. It’s best to get what your body needs from freshly-picked, local, organic produce.

But in place of that, these powders are good at filling the gaps in your diet.

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