5 Neck Exercises for Home Office Workers


It’s getting close to the end of your day, and you are ready to clock out from working at your desk all day. Just as you are about to log off, you notice that your neck and back are stiff and tense.

You try to massage the area to make it feel better, but it won’t go away. If this sounds like something you are struggling with, then you came to the right article.

More than 42% of Americans are working remotely and are experiencing the same pain and discomfort you are enduring. So you aren’t alone! This short article will go over the top five best neck exercises you can do to help melt away that pain!

1. Upper Back and Neck Stretches

To do this stretch, you are going to want to stand up. Reach your left hand over your head and firmly place your fingers against your right temple.

Tilt your head and neck to your left and gently pull your head to stretch the right side of your neck for about seven seconds. Once finished, switch to the other side and repeat.

2. Rotate Your Head

You can do this stretch either standing or sitting down. Pull your shoulders slightly back, tuck in your chin, and look forward. Slowly rotate your head as far to the left as you can and hold the position for a few seconds.

When turning your head, make sure not to look up or down and keep your head level. Once you complete your left side turn, turn your head back to the center and then turn your head to the right. Hold for a few seconds and then return to the center.

3. Shoulder Shrug

This exercise is best when sitting down. Once you are sitting, you will want to sit up in a good posture. Take in a deep breath and exhale before picking up your shoulders. When your shoulders are up, hold them there for about three seconds before slowly relaxing them back down to normal.

4. Shoulder Rotation

This exercise works best when standing, but you can sit down if that is more comfortable for you. Once comfortable, you will want to lift your shoulders and rotate them forward and around in a circle. You should rotate your shoulder forward about five times before rotating your shoulders backward.

5. Head Tilts

Head tilts are an effortless way to release neck pain. You will want to sit or stand upright with your head facing forward.

Tuck in your chin and tilt your head forward toward your chest for the forward motion. Hold that position for about fifteen seconds before slowly bringing your head back to the start position.

To help release back pain, slowly tilt your head back, bringing the base of your head towards your back. Hold this position for fifteen seconds and return to how you started.

Why Are Neck Exercises Important?

Neck exercises help to combat any stiff or sore neck pain. It is essential to do these exercises as much as possible, especially if you work from home. You can also perform neck flexion to increase your neck and shoulders flexibility.

Solve Your Neck Problems!

If you are working from home, you know and understand how it feels to have a stiff back and neck after sitting at your desk for hours at a time.

Doing these quick and easy neck exercises are guaranteed to keep your neck and back free of any pain. If you want more information on relieving upper back pain or other pain points, check out our Health section!