9 Key Tips for Finding a Legit Online Pharmacy


Only 4% of online pharmacies are legal, licensed pharmacies. Unknowingly, you could purchase fake, wrong, or contaminated drugs online. Before buying medications from an online pharmacy, do your due diligence.

Here are nine helpful tips that can help you find a legit online pharmacy without stress. Using these tips can give you peace of mind.

You can enjoy the convenience of purchasing cheap prescriptions online knowing you’re receiving the medications you need. Start shopping with these nine easy tips today.

1. Talk to a Doctor

Over 131 million people (66% of American adults) already take prescription medications. Your specific medical needs are unique, though.

Before you begin buying medications from a foreign pharmacy, talk to a professional you can trust.

Schedule a doctor’s appointment with your primary physician. If you’re already on specific medications, visit the doctor who wrote your prescription.

Talk to them about any symptoms you’re experiencing or medical concerns you have. Ask if they can run your blood work, too. Testing your blood can help the doctor gain a better understanding of your needs.

For example, they might recognize you have a vitamin deficiency or specific medical condition.

Talk to the doctor about your lifestyle habits and goals. For example, perhaps you want to get pregnant. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight.

Perhaps your family has a history of a condition and you’re eager to get ahead of the curve.

Discussing your habits and health objectives can help the doctor make specific recommendations. They can ensure you’re taking the medications you need with your health in mind.

Work with your doctor to make a list of the medications you need. Make sure they provide a prescription for each one. Don’t start buying medications unless you have a doctor’s prescription.

Otherwise, the medications you take could do more harm than good.

During your appointment, ask the doctor if they can recommend a legit online pharmacy you can purchase your medications from. Ask if they have any advice about saving on prescriptions, too.

2. Consider Side Effects

Before leaving the doctor’s office, review the medications they’re prescribing. Make sure you understand why you need to take each medication.

Remember, the medications you’re taking should align with your health needs, concerns, and goals. When buying medications online, it’s easy to get caught up in marketing messages. Don’t believe everything you read.

Ask your doctor about the potential side effects you might experience after you start taking each medication. If you begin experiencing side effects, let them know right away.

Ask the doctor if any of the medications on your list will interact with one another. Will they interact with certain foods, beverages, or supplements? Should you take them on an empty stomach or at a certain time of the day?

Consider what dosage you need for each medication, too.

Make sure you ask these questions before looking for a foreign pharmacy that offers the prescription drugs you need.

3. Recognize Scams

Before choosing a foreign pharmacy, it helps to know how to spot a scam. Remember, less than 5% of online pharmacies operate legally. You might come across a fraudulent pharmacy during your search.

A fraudulent online pharmacy won’t ask for your doctor’s prescription. There’s a chance they won’t send the medication you asked for as a result. Instead, they might send medications full of harmful fillers.

If the medications are discounted at a price that seems too good to be true, it’s a red flag. The pharmacy shouldn’t send you spam mail marketing cheap medications, either.

It’s likely they’re also not licensed by a health authority.

If these issues sound familiar, keep searching for a foreign pharmacy you can trust.

4. Send Your Script

A legit online pharmacy will ask you to send a doctor’s prescription.

If you plan on shopping from a foreign pharmacy, note the FDA can’t track every imported product. They can’t always ensure the regulation of prescription medications. These online pharmacies don’t always have approval to operate from the FDA.

Make sure the pharmacy employs a licensed pharmacist. A pharmacist will ensure you’re receiving the proper medications.

5. Read Every Label

Take a look at the medication you’re purchasing.

First, review the ingredients. Make sure the ingredients align with the medication your doctor prescribed.

Ignore any outlandish medical claims on the bottle, too.

6. Assess the Site

You can learn a lot about an online pharmacy by reviewing its website.

First, look at the URL. Do you see “HTTPS” or “.pharmacy” before and after the domain name?

The National Board of Pharmacies (NABP) reviews sites before granting them use of “.pharmacy” as the domain name. The NABP ensures pharmacies follow federal and state procedures.

If the site has “HTTPS” before the domain name, the site uses an SSL certificate. These sites are secure, ensuring hackers can’t steal your credit card or private information. If a site doesn’t have “HTTPS” in the URL, don’t shop from that store.

7. Use the Right Tools

There are online tools available that can help you ensure you’ve found a legit online pharmacy before you check out.

First, check the FDA’s website to make sure the pharmacy doesn’t have any complaints filed against them.

Check the NABP website to make sure the pharmacy was properly screened. Check for the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPSĀ®) Seal, too. The VIPPS seal indicates the site meets the NABP’s standards and licensure requirements.

If you’re choosing a Canadian online pharmacy, check the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) instead.

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8. Read Reviews

Before buying medications, read reviews from people who were once in your shoes. Avoid any websites that have an array of complaints against them.

9. Compare Prices

If you’re stuck between pharmacies, shop around. Compare prices between medications.

If one price seems far cheaper than the others, don’t rush to choose cheap prescriptions. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it likely is.

Avoid Scams: 9 Tips for Finding a Legit Online Pharmacy

Don’t start buying medications online without doing your due diligence first. Instead, use these tips to make sure you’ve found a legit online pharmacy. With these tips, you can find peace of mind and the medications you need.

Find a foreign pharmacy you can trust today.

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