COVID-19 Causes & Way to Protect with Nose Filter Mask


Till today, there is no proof specific proof that can claim the actual origin of Coronavirus. But, through the span of a while, we have seen some assumptions and some studies based on its origin. Initially, researchers claimed that the virus has originated from some wild animals like Bats and snakes. Wuhan Seafood meat market is considered as the original source of this market. 

The SARS virus that came in 2003 was also originated from bats are believed to be one of the prime “suspects.” But again we have not find any specific conclusion on this finding, but scientists think that bats have not transmitted this virus directly to humans. They rather accept the infection was first moved from Bats to a specific wild creature, which at that point caused the outbreak upon human food consumption. 

But with the initial reports it is also found that nCoV virus was found in the areas that were trading meat of wild animals. 

There are lots of wild animals like snakes, bats, a scaly anteater, pangolins are traded in the Chinese market and the people of China consume them as their food. In fact, some of the studies done by South China Agriculture University say that they found the 99% generic match of nCoV in Pangolins. But, they have not given the detailed report on is so this study is also suspected or considered just a wild guess. 

Factors that spreads COVID-19

There are lots of factors found by researchers playing major role in spread of Coronavirus. However, the most most noteworthy perspective that is highly responsible in spreading COVID-19 is the exchange of bodily fluids come outside while coughing and sneezing in the form of small water droplets. 

If an infected person sneeze, coughs in the environment without wearing a nose filter mask then they become responsible to infect and spread of disease in others. Other cases say that the objects that are touched by an infected person can spread the virus. Like if a healthy person touches the surfaces or objects having droplets of COVID-19 infected person and touches his nose, eyes or mouth then he will be caught by Coronavirus.

This is one of the most important and vital reason of using nose filter mask or face mask and gloves, at least around those individuals who expose and show these symptoms.

There are lots of symptoms of COVId-19 patient, below we have stated some of the basic indications as per suggested by World health Organization to know if you are infected or not. These symptoms are not seen immediately that makes this disease very dangerous. 

Possible symptoms of COVID-19 include

  • A low –grade fever with a gradual increase in temperature  
  • Dry cough that gets severe over time 
  • Difficulty breathing/ Nasal Congestion 
  • Tiredness 
  • Diarrhoea
  • Viral Pneumonia
  • Sore throat 

Precautions are the best solutions to keep distance from COVID-19 disease. One of the best ways you should do is using invisible pollution mask whenever you go outside from your home for any reason. Also, don’t feel relax after wearing pollution mask you should also follow government guidelines to get protection from Coronavirus.

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