How to add Life to Your Bridal Shower Theme Party?


Are you thinking of surprising your best friend before her marriage by throwing a bridal shower theme party? Are you the bride to be hosting a pre-wedding celebration to bring your nearest and dearest ones together one last time before your big day? If you want to add life to your bridal shower, you need to take care of the things that will set the tone of your celebrations. First, you have to decide on your theme, date, time, and location. Then you have to plan how to impress your guests by bringing the party theme to life. You should check every minute detail and use the best party supplies to create the perfect setup.

Here is a simple and adaptable checklist for you to plan your perfect bridal shower:

  1. Invitations  

The invitations that you send out will help communicate the theme, look and overall feel of your party to your guests. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate the primary colour theme in your design as that will help the guests decide what to wear, what to buy, and how to prepare for the occasion.

  1. Decorations 

Party decorations help in bringing the theme to life. If you want a tropical theme, you will need bold and bright colours with unconventional patterns and lots of foliage. Using bamboo tableware over a monstera leaf to jazz up the table is an affordable option. You can also include balloons and paper fans to bring out the tropical vibes.

Many people favour the rustic themes as they have soft pastel tones that exude a home-like feel. You can consider creating flower vases with reused household jars as centrepieces or hang a garland of decorative balloons to give this rustic theme the detail it deserves.

You can also have a contemporary theme, which is more sophisticated. This theme relies on a colour combination of gold against white. You can use metallic gold napkins, create a champagne tower or incorporate a nice and simple pinboard to add a little touch of elegance to your theme.

  1. Cake Table  

The main feature of any bridal shower theme party is the cake table, which should be adorned with décor that conforms to the theme. You can use a textured wall or letter balloons in a tassel garland to create a scintillating décor worthy of a viral Instagram photo. Just make sure that everything matches each other on the table, starting from cupcake wrappers to napkins.

  1. Party games  

Bridal shower party games are a great way of testing everyone’s knowledge about the would-be bride! A simple and friendly way of having fun while mingling with others is to play quiz games where the guests are asked about the bridal couple to see who knows them best. You can also arrange fun games like who can grate carrots faster or who can create a dress from toilet paper to step up the competitiveness.

  1. Accessories

To make your bridal shower special, as a perfect final touch, you can arrange for a veil or a headpiece for the bride so that she stands out from the others and get plenty of attention on that day. A sash or badge for the bridesmaid or mother of the bride is also perfect for the bridal shower party.

The success of any party depends entirely on how well you plan it. Having a great theme, putting up the right decorations, and using eco-friendly party supplies, all these things help to add life to the bridal shower party. Therefore, before arranging any social gathering, you must work out everything in detail to have a rocking celebration.