How to Plan a Destination Engagement Party


Did you know the custom of exchanging engagement rings dates back to Roman times? About 6000 years ago, Roman men & women exchanged rings with the person they wanted to marry. It symbolized ownership.

Today, that simple tradition has developed into quite a fancy event. Most people arrange an entire event for this exchange of rings – and why shouldn’t they? One’s union with their soulmate calls for the announcement. Doesn’t it?

Besides, the newly developed concept of engagement parties also aims to introduce both families to one another. The bride’s friends, family, and acquaintances get a chance to familiarize themselves with the groom’s family, friends, and acquaintances (and vice versa). It builds a comfortable air as the new relationship initiates several new friendships & relationships.

Henceforth, an engagement party is not only necessary for you, but it is also healthy for your families. There’s no reason you should hold back or compromise on this big event of your life.

If you’ve already planned your engagement party, that’s great. We got some brilliant suggestions for you to make it even more spectacular.

If you’re only starting with your engagement party planning, we congratulate you on finding the right place. This quick guide to a destination engagement party will provide you with an amazing start!

Determine who’ll host & settle the budget

Traditionally, it’s the bride’s family that hosts the engagement party. But if you’re living by the modern-day and opting for a destination engagement party instead of a regular engagement party, you ought to divide the hosting responsibilities between the bride and the groom. That’s because it’s going to be expensive and demanding. You’ll both have to quit hours of work to plan this event perfectly.

So, it’s best to set aside a known amount on a 50-50 basis and then plan your event. When planning your budget, do not opt for loans! You will have your wedding coming up too, which will have its expenses. You do not want to be indebted by the time you begin planning for your wedding!

Decide the Venue & Time

Next, comes the big question: what’s the dream destination for your destination engagement party?

Sit with your fiancé and discuss this thoroughly. Ideally, it’s best to opt for a place that you’ve visited earlier. (And if you’ve lost track of the places you visit, you might want to begin maintaining an online travel diary. Here’s an epic interactive world map travel tool for that!)

Some of the most popular engagement party destinations of all times are:

  • The Big Island – Hawaii
  • Los Cabos – Mexico
  • Puerto Rico – Caribbean
  • Sea Island – Georgia
  • Outer Banks – North Carolina

Whether you’re picking a destination from those listed above or from your directory of to-visit places, you will have to narrow down your planning to the exact venue. Be it a restaurant or a beach, or anything else.

Also, determine what time (i.e., which season) will best suit you? You might want to consider the tourist traffic, pricing, and weather at your preferred time at your chosen destination.

Determine menu, décor & rest of the details

Once you’re through with your three big decisions, i.e., time, budget, and venue, it’s time to get to the details. Determine:

  • Who will you invite?
  • What will be the menu?
  • What will you gift your guests?
  • What would be the theme or décor of your engagement party?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’re all set to invite your guests and put your plan into effect. But again, do not forget to narrow down your planning process to each specific guest (even the drinks! Determine what drink you will serve and if it fits your budget). Read More: when is the best time to visit hawaii

Don’t forget the Engagement Ring!

Well, don’t you dare forget the heart of your engagement party after investing heaps of your time, energy, money, and hope! Yes, we’re talking about the engagement ring!

Likely, you may not be able to give your engagement ring the time it needs immediately before the engagement party. Hence, our best advice would be to begin the entire process of planning with buying your engagement rings. You can browse through the latest engagement rings trends here and pick the best engagement ring for yourself and your significant other. From amongst these, we love white sapphire engagement rings.  These rings will not only win you heaps of attention with their entrancing sparkle, but they will also help you save money as you plan your destination engagement party.

Final Thoughts

Remember, where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Don’t let work commitments, financial constraints, or third-party opinions determine the fate of your engagement party. If you want a grand and dreamy destination party, that’s just how it should be! Follow the steps given above to ensure that!