Moving to California? Why You’ll Adore Living in Santa Clara


Did you know that Santa Clara’s name comes from the Mission Santa Clara de Asis? It was one of several missions that the Spanish created in California.

When you’re considering moving to California, there are several beautiful towns and cities to choose from. It can be overwhelming to decide where to go.

But did you know all about Santa Clara? From beautiful landscapes to plenty to do on your day off, there’s so much to choose from. Read this guide to see why you’ll love living in Santa Clara today!

Gorgeous Weather

When you experience the year-round warm weather, you’ll want to make roots in the area. Realtors in the area, such as, can help.

Enjoy cool winters and warm and dry summers. It has Mediterranean weather, meaning that year-round, it’s mild.

In the winter, you’ll find lows in the 40s. During the summer, it can be in the 80s. You don’t have to worry about snow, and it rarely goes below freezing.

Be in the Tech Hub

Your Santa Clara condo or home will be in the center of Silicon Valley! There are plenty of start-ups and technological firms for jobs.

Santa Clara companies include Oracle, Google, Infoblox, Hitachi Data Systems, Texas Instruments, and more. The NASA Ames Research Center isn’t too far either.

It’s Green

Santa Clara has its own greenhouse! Many Santa Clara homes for sale now have solar panels.

Not only do solar panels help the environment, but they’ll help you save on utility costs. The schools and parks are on the recycled water program in the area.

Great Education

While the cost of living is high, families are moving here due to the excellent education system. Many of the residents receive high school diplomas.

A large number of residents also receive a college degree. The schools in the area are highly-rated.

A Strong Economy

The unemployment rate is less than the national average. While the cost of living is higher than in most places, the salary balances it out. There are plenty of well-paying jobs, thanks to it being in a tech hub.

Plenty To Do

California’s Great America is a popular amusement park in Santa Clara. There’s even a waterpark to enjoy.

If you enjoy sports, head to Levi’s Stadium. It’s the home of the San Francisco 49ers National Football League Team.

There are plenty of museums and parks to check out. Watch wildlife at the Ulistac Natural Area. Hang out with friends in Central Park in Santa Clara.

The Mission Santa Clara de Asis is a popular destination, as well as the Intel Corp and Museum. Walk around Santa Clara University and explore its history.

Central Park even has a library! After a long day, head to the Golden State Brewery. If you enjoy nature, go to the Anderson Lake County Park.

Why You’ll Love Santa Clara When Moving to California

After exploring this guide on moving to California and why you’ll love Santa Clara, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Take your time deciding what to check out next to decide if it’s right for you.