Some Exciting Things to do in Self-Isolation


The New Year 2020 has not been welcoming. Because the whole world is confronting the horrendous outbreak of viral epidemic which is none other than the Novel Coronavirus. The term Coronavirus has become the talk of the town. Everyone everywhere is talking about the fears of Coronavirus.

Starting from China, it continued spreading and affected 20 countries.  It is still spreading in several other parts of the world including Asia and the Middle East. Indeed, it has created havoc in the whole world. The WHO has declared this terrible virus as pandemic and called the whole world to postpone all the events, festivals, and even religious gatherings.

 The notable example of this is the drastic step of the Middle East to close one of the significant Muslim Congregation in the Muslim Holiest cities of Makkah and Madinah. These are the cities that are reserved for the largest Muslim events of Hajj and Umrah. Hence the whole world is passing through the challenging situation of health and socio-economic crises caused by the dangerous Corona outbreak which has no cure or solution.

No Corona Vaccine or Medicine is Available

The UNO says the whole world to take precautionary measures to save itself from the further health problems caused by this speedily spreading disease. Be mindful that no vaccine or medicine is available for this painful virus.

Disturbing Restrictions of Corona Panic

This virus has taken the whole world into its grip. Many cities across the globe are in the state of lockdown. The people around the whole world are facing restricted transnational movements. In short, millions of people in the world have struck inside.

Stay Inside, Stay Healthy

Nothing can cure Corona at least this time. The health experts say that we cannot eliminate this virus. But what we can do is to take precautionary measures to shield ourselves from the attack of this disease. These safety measures involve the meticulous maintenance of hygienic principles and self-isolation. These measures must strictly be followed at least until the elimination of this threatening epidemic.

Be mindful that the everyday practice of personal hygiene is very important and useful to live a healthy life. However, the long-term isolation or home staycation may become problematic for the folks who are social butterflies.

Exciting things to do in Self-Isolation

But don’t worry, if you are quarantined or choosing to self-isolate yourself. Because it’s a temporary situation and here we are to present to you some exciting activities to make your temporary homestay period fun-filled and lively.

Go Cleaning your Home

Don’t worry, if you are unable to go to the gym. You can still have healthy activities inside your homes. One of these healthful activities is cleaning your homes. Cleaning is not only the best exercise but also a superb way to keep your hands busy. It is also said that the act of cleaning reduces stress.  

When you keep your house spick and span you would also remain safe from Corona germ.

Be Creative or Crafty

It’s the time to ponder on your self if you have got a chance to escape the rat race of the world. In this short isolation period, discover yourself and recognize your talent. If you are a good musician play your favorite musical instrument and sway with your partner. If you are fond of painting then pull out the easel, take the paintbrush and start painting.

You can also apply the colorful crafty ideas on your sweet house to decorate it. It will be great fun for sure. You can also go to Pinterest and search for new creative ideas and tips to decorate your room.

Start Writing

Not able to fulfill your wanderlust? Or feeling alone? We have a solution for you. Just take a pencil page or notebook and start writing. It is also said that writing is an amazing source of giving vent to your pressed feelings. It is an effective way to reduce stress.

Go for Yoga or Spa for Self-Care

When we are busy in day to night official affairs, we often become oblivious of the worth of ourselves. Self-isolation is the best time to think about yourself. It is an ideal time to give to yourself. Hence it is an ideal time of self-care.

Now you can do this in many ways like having yoga or your very own soothing Spa experience. Soothing personal activities like Yoga and spa help you in improving your body and mental health. These relaxing activities calm your mind and reduce your stress. Through Yoga, you can also think about what is important to you. So in this way, you would get a super soothing quiet place to meditate on your thoughts.

Do Couch-Surfing

It is an ideal time of couch-surfing and catch up on your favorite TV shows for sure. You would never get bored of your isolation. It’s a bet. Apart from entertaining shows, it’s the right time to make yourself aware of the current situation of your country or the world in which you are living.

Watch Movies or Netflix Series

If you have your laptop with a strong Wi-Wi connection, then it’s the time to watch your favorite movies either online or downloaded. It’s the right time to enjoy a fun-filled peaceful experience at your own home within your personal environment. You can watch any movie that you are unable to watch in Cinemas due to the prolonged lock-down caused by Corona threats.

You can also watch the amazing and thrilling Netflix series and documentaries.

Cook your Favorite Dish

It’s also an ideal time to practice your cooking skills which you can’t normally do in your busy routine. It’s the right time to have some healthy eating with home-cooked food.

 It is strongly advised to collect all your essential food, medicines, and everyday items in bulks from the grocery stores in case of prolonged lock-down.

Go for the Video Chats with Friends and Beloveds

 Don’t feel isolated and helpless on the temporary directions of social-distancing and self-Isolation. Because you can easily get hooked up with your buddies and loved ones through social media. Use Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc., likewhatever you want to connect with your friends and fellas. You can see them through video chats and share your feelings and worries with them.

In this painful Corona ordeal, console your friends and urge them to follow the safety measures to guard themselves against this disease.