Starting Your Home Garden? Here Are 5 Basic Must-Haves


May it be a new hobby that you want to start or an upgrade to your home, gardening is something that people have begun to put attention to during the pandemic since everyone is staying at home. Of course, gardening is not just planting seeds on soils and watering them every once in a while until the plants grow. It’s more than that. Gardening requires time, effort, care, maintenance, and most importantly love. And that sometimes means that you have to invest in your garden for it to thrive. Like gardening tools, protection, fertilizer, etc. For beginners, we have to take note of several things so our plants don’t withe. It’s hard to know where to start. 

Aside from seedlings and soil, the most essential things in gardening are the tools and equipment! Even gardeners with experience know that gardening tools and equipment are a must. This is where we can have a headstart for a blooming garden!

In this article, we will present basic gardening must-haves to keep you on track in building your ideal garden.

Garden Fences

A garden fence plays a huge role in every garden out there. Having a garden fence around the area will be very practical and useful for various reasons. It adds an extra layer of security and protection to your garden. One common issue why plants die is because outside animals invade the area and destroy the plants. They would also sometimes even eat the harvests. We do not want animals to ruin a starting garden. It also serves as a clear boundary in the land area, from both your home and outside. So the first thing on the list is a garden fence.

Another vital reason why you will need a fence is that garden fences protect your plants from the weather. It blocks away strong wind and rain from destroying the plants. Also, shades your plants from getting too much sunlight because plants only need the right amount of sun for it to grow well. 

Lastly, some plants grow well on garden fences. They thrive as vines and go up on the sides of the fences. Plants like snap peas, tomatoes, berries need a frame that can support them as they cultivate.

You can find garden fence selections in gardening supplies shops, home depots, and even online! Depending on what your supplier offers, some provide installation services, but sometimes you will have to put them up on your own. You can ask a family member or an experienced acquaintance to help you with this, or you can hire someone in your community.

Soil Moisture Meter

The amount of moisture in the soil affects the growth and development of the plant in your garden greatly. Overwatering your plants bring damage, and they might eventually die since if there is too much water, they will not be able to absorb enough oxygen, which causes the roots to rot and die. And if you under water your plants, it will be too dry. Your plants will have slow growth, lose their leaves, and wither. 

This is where the soil moisture meter comes to work. Most people think that moisture meters aren’t that important, but we assure you that your garden needs them. We do not know what is happening under the soil and so the soil moisture meter will tell you. 

The soil moisture meter is essential in gardening because it will show you whether the level of moisture in the soil is too wet, too dry, or just right. Plants do not have the same required amount of moisture, and so the standard soil moisture will depend on how much water each plant needs and its soil type. The meters are easy to use, all you will have to do is put in the probe of the equipment into the soil of the plants, and it will do the reading for you. The readings in the meter are also simple to understand. Note that you do not have to water your plants daily, you water them depending on the results shown in the meter. 

Soil moisture meters can be found in almost all local garden supplies shops, and you can also purchase them online!

Gardening Gloves

Another thing you must protect in gardening aside from your plants is yourself. And because our hands are the ones that do most of the work, it is essential to have gardening gloves on. Some plants and flowers in your garden may have thorns and splinters, and some may have saps, roots, plant hair that cause skin irritation. This can be prevented with the use of gardening gloves. It’s always better to be safe and prepared when gardening! 

Garden gloves can be found anywhere ranging in different styles, colors, sizes, and materials. Choose the ones that you prefer to use and are the most comfortable. 


Having a piece of mobile equipment that you can bring around to transport your gardening materials is always very handy. With a wheelbarrow, you no longer have to carry the sacks of soil and fertilizer or move the heavy seedlings and tools from one place to another. You will get your garden work done conveniently and in no time!

Garden Secateurs

Garden Secateurs for pruning shears are very helpful in garden work because, in time, you will have to trim and remove some parts of the plants to avoid dead growth. It is also handy and easy to use if you wish to shape your plant like shrubs, and even cut branches.

Quality secateurs can last long if used and maintained well. A good investment for your garden utilities. You can purchase one in the garden supplies shop and online as well.


For something to be done effectively, you need the right tools. In gardening, it is given that you will need a hoe, a trowel, or a rake. However, for your garden to thrive and bloom further, it also requires investment to be well-maintained and take care of. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a little more on your garden as long as it within your budget. In the long run, these basic must-haves will come in handy because you will see how it will save you so much time, effort, and even money!