Top Hair Coloring Techniques to Create a Fun Summer Look


It’s time to bring a whole new meaning to “the perfect beach body.” You look great in your swimsuit already, so why not update your ‘do? A fun, new hairstyle is exactly what you need to get ready for your summer plans.

Not quite ready for your salon appointment? Check out these hair coloring techniques for all the inspiration you need!

Two-Tone Hair Coloring

The days of coloring hair with just one dye are over—if you want a bold look for summer, try the two-tone trend. The most popular style is the peekaboo, which features a second color on the bottom layer of hair.

Other fun two-tone styles include colored tips, face-framing, and even a left-right split down the part.

Most people choose a bright and bold color for the second tone, like greens, pinks, and blues. However, natural colors look great in this style as well.


Balayage is a hair coloring technique that lightens the tips of your hair in a subtle, natural fade. It’s a great look on pixie cuts and flowing locks alike, but the effect is more noticeable on longer hair.

One great benefit of the balayage style is that it’s low-maintenance. You don’t have to worry about your roots because they keep your natural color. If you don’t have time to make it to the salon, you can keep your look even as it grows out.

If you want to give balayage a try, click here to learn more!


If you’re not looking for a drastic makeover, keep it simple with classic foil highlights. In the summer, it’s most common to brighten your hair by a few shades. Highlighting enhances your natural color by adding a few streaks of a lighter shade.

Highlights can vary in many ways, from placement to thickness. Close and thin highlights are called babylights—and the dyeing process takes a few hours! Thicker foil highlights are more dramatic but much more work to maintain.

For lighter hair, consider lowlights instead. It has the same effect, but it uses a shade darker than your natural color.

All-Over Color

Pick a color, any color! An all-over dye is a straightforward process and a stunning new look sure to make your family and friends gasp.

If you go for this change, be prepared for serious upkeep. You’ll either need specialized products to maintain your roots or frequent appointments at your hair salon.

It doesn’t have to last forever, though; there are three types of permanence. Demi-permanent will wash out after 12-24 washes, and semi-permanent will last you 6-12 washes. Finally, a permanent dye will last until your hair grows out.

Try These Hair Coloring Techniques

A new season is a perfect time for a new look. Whether you go for a big change or a subtle shade adjustment, consider these stunning hair coloring techniques for your next summer hairdo!

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