5 Perfect Resorts for Weekend Day Out Resorts in Karnataka


Karnataka is the beautiful state of India located on the southern side. This state is known for its rich culture, heritage, and tourism destinations. There are various tourist hot spots that exist in the Karnataka like Coorg, Ruins of Hampi, Mysuru, and many more. All from these, Bengaluru is the city where you can experience the latest technologies and brands. This city is one of the famous cities of India and also known as- “Silicon Valley of India.”

Near the destinations of Karnataka, you can experience some luxury resort, which helps you to rejuvenate yourself from the routine work.

List of Day Out Resorts with complete information:

Coorg Nest Cottages, Kushalnagar

Coorg is one of the places in India where you interact the nature closely. It contains serenity, which helps you to relax at your soul. It increases the pleasure when you have comfortable accommodation to spend quality time at these kinds of places. Coorg Nest Cottages resort is the best for this kind of stay. The whole resort is incredible in terms of nature. Here you will find that from the outside, it is surrounded by the local flora and fauna, and from the inside, there are many more trees and plants that are there to provide the excellent feeling to the guest where they can spend their quality time with nature.

Apart from the in-house gardens, trees, and plants. This resort has natural landscapes and lush green meadows. The cottages are designed by keeping in mind that guests can experience comfort as much as they can. There are many tourist attractions near to this resort. While enjoying the holidays here, you can visit Bylakuppe and Thalakaveri. In this resort, there is a fitness center where you can enjoy natural treatment while staying. Another awesome thing provided here is car rental services. By renting a car from here, you can visit nearby places. It is near Mysore.

Guhantara Resort, Bengaluru

The Guhantara Resort is India’s first underground cave resort located near the cybercity Bengaluru. It is the best weekend getaway to burst out the stress may be of personal or professional life with guhantara resort day out. If more time is  not available then you can enjoy a perfect day out with your friends. It is 300 m below in comparison to the ground level. It is just a human-made excellent spot where you will feel awesome while hanging out with your friends or your loved ones. There are 18 fully furnished cave suits where you can have your leisure time with luxury. All these rooms look like a portion of the cave, but in terms of facility, they are the best compared to other luxury resorts. The whole resort has an air-conditioning facility and is designed as an underground cave. The attractions of this resort are multi-cuisine as restaurants, coffee lounge, Playground, artificial lake, swimming pools, and the most exciting factor is that 15000 trees are surrounding this resort. Here you can experience adventure games like zipline, zorbing, quad bike ride, and many more.

SwaSwara CGH Earth, Gokarna

This resort is located at the Gokarna. Which is also known for its beaches and sereneness. One of the popular beaches of Gokarna is Om Beach. This resort is settled near the Om beach, where you can reach just by walking. It is surrounded by coconut groves, which make it awesome. From the resort, you can experience the positive vibes of the sea. The resort has a swimming pool which is in the inner area so while swimming you can enjoy the chirping sound of birds and also experience silence with nature. Here you can also enjoy the local, national, and international cuisine prepared by well-trained chefs.

The Village, Mysuru

The Mysore is known as the technology hub, but there are some places where you can experience the blessings of nature. It is the recommended place to enjoy with the family or spouse during the weekends. In this resort, you will find cottages, family rooms, a swimming pool, and a restaurant with all modern amenities. It is the best place to spend time with family and friends.  

The Serai, Bandipur

The Serai resort is located near the Bandipur forest area. It is one of the picturesque resorts of Karnataka. The specialty of this resort is its simplicity. It looks simple from the outer view, but when you go inside, then you will be amazed by its inner decoration. This resort is built-up on the concept of eco-friendly mechanism. It is the place where you will forget all the stress and hustle-bustle of city life.

This is all about the best List of Day Out Resorts of Karnataka. It is a new kind of trend where people used to stay in resorts in comparison to the traditional hotels and guest houses. It  gives the opportunity to the tourist to have some quality time with nature.