8 Las Vegas Tourist Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Las Vegas is a tremendously popular vacation spot for Americans and international travelers alike. Over 32 million people visit Las Vegas each year, each with varying expectations and experiences. If you want to make sure that your Las Vegas vacation is everything you dreamed it’d be, then you need to avoid some common mistakes visitors make.

What are the biggest Las Vegas tourist mistakes you can make? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled this handy list of things to avoid. Read on to learn how to create an incredible Las Vegas vacation!

1. Failing to Set a Budget

The first thing you need to do when considering a Las Vegas vacation is to come up with a firm budget. There’s a ton to see and do in Las Vegas, but that also means that it’s easy to spend more than you can afford if you’re not careful.

Do some research on average costs for things like food, hotels, and shopping in Las Vegas. This helps you develop a guideline for your budget. If you have any special restaurants or shows you want to see, look up their costs in advance to get a more holistic view of how much money you’ll be spending.

2. Skipping Players Clubs

Las Vegas is famous across the world for its casinos. What you might not know, however, is that most hotels have a players club membership for people who choose to gamble in their casinos.

Players club cards are free, but you will have to give them some of your personal information, like your name and contact info. In exchange, you’ll receive things like discounts at buffets and cash vouchers for future visits. Some players club cards even offer free nights in the hotel.

Be sure to sign up for the card before you start playing to maximize your benefits.

3. Forgetting to Stay Hydrated

You might not think about it while you’re running around the city, but visiting Las Vegas is not much different from visiting a major theme park like Disney World. You’ll spend plenty of time each day on your feet, and you’ll probably be drinking, too. Combine that with the desert heat and dryness, and you have a recipe for dehydration.

Make sure to either have a bottle of water on hand or bring a refillable water bottle to carry with you. If you’re drinking, it’s a good rule of thumb to have one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink.

4. Renting a Car

There are some cities where you have to have a car to get around (we’re looking at you, Los Angeles). That’s not the case for Las Vegas, however. Most hotels charge visitors to park their cars, which is an additional expense on top of the rental fee.

It’s far more economical to hire a taxi or rideshare service to transport you from the airport to your hotel. Most hotels offer free transportation services to their sister properties. Plus, the Strip is completely walkable, if you’re up for the steps.

5. Staying on the Strip

It’s no secret that the Strip is the place to be when you’re in Las Vegas, but there are plenty of Las Vegas attractions available off the Strip, too! If you want to make sure you see everything there is to see in Las Vegas, then you need to do some research on what you can do off the Strip.

History buffs will enjoy exploring the Mob Museum and the Neon Museum. If you’re into nature, consider taking a day trip to explore the gorgeous Red Rock Canyon or even the Grand Canyon! There are also several incredible restaurants off the Strip that are a shame to miss.

6. Forgetting to Check Out the Deals

Las Vegas is both an economical and expensive vacation destination. The difference between economical and expensive is simply knowing how and where to find a good deal.

Hotels in Las Vegas frequently offer deals, especially to travelers who spend a significant amount of time in the casino. You can also check out hotel websites for bundled deals. They frequently offer things like free breakfasts or access to amenities like spas, which are hefty savings.

Deals like these make higher-end hotels far more accessible to budget travelers.

7. Not Looking at the Events Calendar

You know that Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are times when the city is busier than others. Conventions and shows bring in tens of thousands of visitors, driving up the cost of hotels and reducing your ability to get in at the attractions and restaurants.

A little strategic planning helps alleviate the stress of a busier than normal Vegas experience. At a minimum, avoid the weekend of the Super Bowl and March Madness, and you’ll be in good shape.

8. Not Tipping

Hospitality staff are a vital part of any Vegas vacation. It’s important that you tip them and tip them well if you want to make sure that you get everything you want.

For example, your hotel’s concierge can help you find the best speakeasy in town, but they can also score you tickets to popular shows and coveted restaurant reservations. It all comes down to the power of the dollar.

Avoid These Las Vegas Tourist Mistakes to Make the Most of Your Trip!

Las Vegas is a town that’s packed with attractions, restaurants, casinos, and much, much more. Unfortunately, many people miss out on some of the best things that Las Vegas has to offer because they haven’t been warned about common Las Vegas tourist mistakes to avoid. Not you, though, you’re ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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