My Last Amazing Trip Before Coronavirus Outbreak


The world was busy visiting the ideal holiday destinations, attending the business meetings and doing the other routine works. The coronavirus outbreak in December 2019 from the province of China, Wuhan. It is a very uncertain experience for all of the world as nobody expected this to be so much serious. We were out for spending our October Holidays in Morocco and came back to our normal routines and then the outbreak happened. We had a very pleasant experience being in Morocco by the way. In an environment of panic all around, I want to remember some of my good activities and memories in Morocco.

Our Memories in Marrakech:

Marrakech is one of the very colorful cities in the world. We landed in Marrakech international airport and found it to be a hub of unique African experiences. Marrakech is also called a mini Morocco as it has a very traditional impact of the land. We had our memories in a very famous Bazar, Djema el Fna, we bought dresses for our visit to Desert. I bought a leather jacket because I feel so cold in London when the temperature goes down.

What did we eat in Morocco?

Morocco is a very gastronomical country. It has many traditional dishes to inspire travelers who are traveling to their country. Lamb Tajine is a king of all the dishes in Morocco you should try. We had a very great experience of tasting Lamb, Camel and Chicken Tajines.

Don’t miss to taste the Koftas and Kababs dishes. Moroccans make them in a very special way, you will enjoy the taste. Also taste the Pastilla, a very famous dish in Morocco. Harira soup is a complimentary dish you should try. The kinds of seafood in Morocco are also very famous. If you visit Agadir, Casablanca or Tangier must try the special dishes of the destinations.

Beach Experiences in Coastal Areas:

Beachy destinations in Morocco are very famous. Brits enjoy laid down soaking sunny days on the soft sandy beaches of Morocco. We had a very glamorous experience playing with the sands, toys and water waves in Agadir, Tangier, and Casablanca, the famous coastal destinations in Morocco.

You should try to sit on the traditional cafes of Agadir, and seafront restaurants with the great terrace settings for lunch and dinner. And even if you booked a resort-like us, you will be offered many luxurious experiences up there.

Don’t miss to Visit Chefchaouen:

Chefchaouen is a blue pearl of Morocco. We had a very unique and amazing experience being in the city. We found that why the city is all painted with a single color, Blue. It has a history. Sit on the terraces of the famous juice corners of the restaurants in the town, sip the fresh juices and overview over the blue town of Morocco.

We are now stuck at home, otherwise, we had a plan to visit Turkey, and Italy this March. I wish the situation comes to the normal soon so we can take the opportunity to visit the otherworldly beautiful destinations n the world.