Travel Logistics: How to Reduce Your Corporate Travel Cots


When it comes to seat width, Airbus is the way to go! 

The seats are about 1 inch wider on an Airbus A320 plane. 

If you’re an experienced traveler, then the chances are good that you know a few airport tricks. You’re probably great at saving time at security and baggage claims. 

But the real key to traveling smart is knowing how to save money.

So before you book an overpriced hotel room, or pay for an expensive car service, read these logistic travel tips to save money without sacrificing comfort!

Reduce Travel Costs With Checklists

First things first! Whether you’re always traveling somewhere or this is your first time, you must create a checklist before each trip. Make sure to mark off what has been completed before your departure date so that nothing falls through the cracks! Avoid Wasted Expenditure

It needs to be crystal clear who can and who can’t approve travel within your organization. By establishing an approval system for each booking, it’s less likely you’ll have to cancel any trips. Since cancellations can be costly, you’ll be proactively saving your business travel funds.

Automate Company Travel Logistics

The smoother your preapproval process, the less room for error. For instance, you should make sure all your new employee travelers are familiar with every aspect of the company’s travel logistics. 

Thankfully you can streamline and automate the preapproval check-in process with digital tools! Similar to employee onboarding software for learning job roles, you can create an introductory travel course. You could use a platform like Teachable or another online tool.

Next, you could also have employees use an online portal to complete pre-travel requests in minutes. The digital paperwork will make it easier to keep track of what’s complete and what’s not.

An online portal can also help you track who is submitting requests. You’ll be able to see when they were introduced so that you don’t miss out on the best opportunities.

No Need to Worry About Corporate Travel Policies

Out-of-the-box corporate travel software will have everything you need. You can set up an approval system for each booking, assign travelers different roles (e.g., manager, approver), track expenses, and more. When the process is automated, it’ll make it easier for everyone involved to stay on top of their tasks without worrying about policies or rules getting in the way.

Buying Business Trip Tickets

Next, let’s talk about all things tickets. Buying tickets is one of the most confusing parts of air travel.

What kind of plane ticket is the best for companies? Is it worth paying more for business class flights? What does your company credit card offer for travel?

These are all critical questions that will influence your booking decision!

Travel Answers

If you have a company credit card, you should try to use it to book your flight. Some cards offer better perks for flights so that you can get statement credits or other benefits. If this doesn’t work out, though, the best bet is to compare prices online and decide which kind of ticket will be most cost-effective for you.

Lastly, remember that if multiple people are going on a trip together, they should check to see if their employer has a travel agency that offers group rates or discounts.

Manage Jet Lag

What’s the highest hidden cost of company travel? Jet lag! When employees experience excessive jet lag, jumping into a productive work mode becomes nearly impossible.

Luckily, it’s easy to be proactive about jet lag management. It all starts by booking the best corporate lodging hotels in the area. Next, tell the hotel manager that you want a quiet room. Request blackout curtains to stay as close as possible to what your body’s clock should be!

You’ll feel much better about your trip if you ask for these things in advance. The same goes for food, too!

Ask the hotel staff what healthy options are available at their restaurant or order take-out instead of going out to eat. It’s also essential to make sure everyone on the team gets enough sleep each day.

Save On Transportaion

Next, renting a car is another area where the costs can add up quickly. Try to book at a place with free shuttles or public transport options for getting into the center of town. If you are staying in an urban area, consider renting a shared car if they offer it. You can split the cost with someone else and get around just as quickly without paying the total price!

If you have to drive your car, make sure you park it where it won’t get towed. If the location has a parking deck or garage, take advantage of that. It’s much cheaper than getting fined for illegally parking on the street.

Divide Expenses Among Team Members

Last but not least, remember how we said to let the hotel staff know if multiple people are staying in one room? This is because splitting costs between team members is easy and obvious when everyone stays under one roof. You’ll avoid excess charges that way!

If someone has to book their room and they’re traveling alone, try to coordinate with them to stay at the same place. The penthouse suite might seem like a fantastic upgrade on the surface, but it’ll be a lot more expensive for everyone involved if you don’t split the cost.

Next, find out if any events are going on in the area during your trip. This will help guide your decisions around where to stay and explore.

For example, if there is a happening festival downtown, try to book in a different area to avoid higher room rates. Not to mention all the crowds you’ll be able to avoid by booking in an intelligent location.

Planning Smart for Corporate Travel

Traveling for work is often an unavoidable part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare! Now you can use these tips to reduce your travel costs without sacrificing convenience or comfort!

Remember to consider every detail of your travel logistics so you can avoid hidden expenses. From who approves the flight to the type of room you book, every puzzle piece matters.

Start looking at pre-flight platforms that can help you streamline the travel process. Then take a minute to read another article!