Want to buy a Period Home? Check these Important Features First


There are many people who are always in search that would connect them with their cultural and national roots. In order to fulfil their dream they make all efforts to buy items that are antique and hold great value; not only in terms of money but also because they are heirloom of their culture.

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Why people prefer to buy a period home?

Separating the above two reasons for buying a period home; there are other intentions and interest in buying it whether you are purchasing it by Stop renting to own homes or any other scheme. The following are the other reasons for people preferring to buy a period home.

Beautiful and Attractive

There are a variety of styles and designs of period homes all across Australia. These include; Pre and Post-Colonial, Victorian, Federation, Inter and Post-War style homes. The architecture of these houses has beauty and attraction that make them stand out from modern and contemporary homes.

Connecting with your Past

If you are an admirer and fan of your past history then these period homes are the best way to connect with your past. Many of these homes have a strong connection with history as sometimes certain prominent events are associated with the house.

Saving the historical Architecture

How will the coming generations learn about the past history of a certain region? By reading about it in books and on the internet. But the best type of learning comes with visual. If the period homes are saved then the children will learn more from observing the different aspects and features of the house.

The market value is higher

The structure, design and styles of these historic homes make the demand for them rise. The uniqueness of the building increases the market value of the house no matter what size it has. The overall price of the house will always be higher than other homes in the area.

The period homes are more spacious

A very prominent quality of period houses is that they are specious. The area in the front and back are extensive, the rooms are large and the ceilings are higher than usual. The back yard has a garden that has all the necessary plants and trees.

Features to check in a period home

Although the period homes are constructed on a much stronger infrastructure the years of wear and tear can affect the various features of the house. Despite maintenance there can be defects in the whole house. So when you consult experts like Stop Renting Bunbury; they suggest that you check these features of a period home.

The hallways and Corridors

The hallways of these kinds of houses are spacious and they are designed in such a way that the walls can support the roof. If there is some renovation done then make sure that the structure is not disturbed and if it is then inspected for any damages.

Windows and Doors

Sometimes the window and doors are made of wood and with the passage of time the climate and termites can destroy it. Make sure that the framework of the doors and windows are in good condition.

The Fireplace area

Any kind of crumbling and decaying on the whole of the fireplace can be dangerous as sudden collapse can damage the house and even the people living there. It is most important to check it because typically fireplaces are in every room of the house.

Ceilings and Roof Structure

The roofs and ceilings of period houses are much higher than those of today. There are many reasons for it; it keeps the room cooler in summer, the light stays for longer and the size of the room seems bigger. But as time goes by; the material used to make ceilings can wear off and become weak.

The condition of the Floors

Majority of the original period homes still have the floors made of either hardwood or stones and bricks. The brick and stone floorings are the strongest as they are rooted deep into the ground. But for wooden floors you have to check for hollowness and condition of the material used.

Verandas and Balconies

The veranda and balcony are places where you can sit and enjoy a good day. The structure and the material used should be durable and tough; so that it can bear the weight of people sitting on it.

The Interior and Exterior Walls

There are days when Australia experiences extreme weather and this can damage the homes. The period homes are the most affected by it because they are old. To make sure that the house is safe even in extreme weather conditions; then you have to inspect the interior as well as the exterior walls.

Always check the Basement

Several of the period homes constructed don’t have basements in them because they are expensive to build and sometimes has risks. But for those houses that have cellars; check it is important as a fragile foundation of the basement will weaken the whole house.

Is the Inspection important for Stop renting to own homes?

If you are buying the house through stop renting to own homes; inspection and checking each and every feature discussed above is essential. You can also observe the house when you are staying as tenants during the renting period.