Want to Dress Up Your Look? Here Are Some Style Tips to Keep In Mind


The average person owns 148 pieces of clothing. So why does it seem like almost everyone says, “I don’t have anything to wear,” these days?

In reality, we more than likely do have something to wear. It all boils down to how we style our clothes.

Let’s apply some essential style tips for anyone’s use, whether they have 10 clothes or 1000.

Build a Foundation

We’ve all witnessed them before: those outfits that look so put-together, so expensive, and so complex. But even the most complicated styles begin with the simplest pieces. This means that we should invest in basics.

Basics differ for everyone. They include anything simple we can easily dress up or down. We can fall back on them and still look presentable.

Some people build capsule wardrobes for reference. Regardless, closet staples should prove timeless, durable, and versatile. We might consider these pieces:

  • Comfortable jeans or pants
  • Neutral T-shirts and tops
  • Supportive shoes
  • Simple outerwear, e.g., a leather jacket, trench coat, cardigan from vibeclothingcompany.com etc.
  • Accented accessories (more on this later)

We should also consider the weather/climate. Our basics may change per season.


Accessories mean everything from belts and watches to bracelets and necklaces. They act as accent pieces because they usually come in different materials, structures, and colors.

Accessories can add dimension, add shine. For example, handmade leather belts incorporate extra texture which helps tie together entire outfits.

Throw on a few rings plus a necklace and athleisure quickly becomes glamorous!

Develop Personal Style Tips

We can find endless fashion tips all over the internet, in the media, plus even among our friends and family. Thus, it becomes difficult to discern “right” from “wrong.” That said, we know our bodies best, so we should base our style on our needs.

This comes with experimentation. We must ask ourselves:

  • What colors do we like vs. what colors suit us?
  • What materials do we need/enjoy our clothes made from?
  • What patterns suit us?
  • What textures do we like?
  • Which fits flatter our bodies best (e.g., bodycon vs. sheath dresses)
  • Do we prefer vintage or contemporary pieces?
  • Do we want to dress conservatively or modestly?
  • What can we afford?

Additionally, we may specify further with finer details like preferences for certain buttons or zippers. Some people even know which brands fit them well.

Final Words on Dressing Up

Overall, style tips start basic, then branch out as we consider more people. We should always remember that what works for one person may cause a wardrobe malfunction for another. Picking an outfit involves several different factors which may extend beyond our control.

Above all else, we want something functional, comfortable, and stylish. Ultimately, we have to wear our clothes (rather than someone else) so we should like what we put on in the morning (or night, for our fellow nocturnals).

So what will you dare to wear?

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