How to Create Social Media Ads: Everything You Need to Know


Investing in social media marketing makes sense if you want to establish a brand on the internet. These sites now make up much of all usage on the internet. So much so that there are now 4.62 billion social media users worldwide.

However, you can’t create a social media account and expect people to find you immediately.

You’ll need to do some work to create social media ads that get results. Follow the steps above to create a social media strategy that builds your brand and brings new customers.

Understand Your Audience

Targeting the right audience is critical if you want a successful social media campaign. A one-size-fits-all message won’t go over well. Not everyone will have an interest in buying your products.

You need to create targeted messaging if you want successful ad campaigns. Use audience personas to learn about your customers and use that information to create targeted messaging.

Find the Correct Platform

You won’t always find your audience on general social media platforms. There are now many websites available that let people connect. It pays to pick a social media site that lets you reach more of your target audience.

Look at the demographics of people who use each site. Compare those demographics with your audience personas to determine which social media platforms have the best chance of putting you in front of your ideal customers.

Pick the Right Media Type

You have a lot of social media ad formats to consider when creating a campaign. You have text content, images and infographics, and video. Each type has pros and cons for selling and will appeal to different audiences.

You can see what your competitors focus on and what works best for them. Try to focus on your initial digital paid media on formats that have proven to work and experiment with new formats down the line.

Post at the Right Time

Much like traditional advertising, the time you post content makes a significant impact. Your target customer is more likely to use social media at certain times and days of the week. You’re more likely to get traction with your post if you post during this time.

Unfortunately, it’s not always to figure this out. Try to post at several dates and times to see what traction you get during those times. See the times people respond the most and focus on posting during those times.

Measure Results

You can get far in social media advertising without gathering data, but your luck will eventually come to an end. If you want optimized campaigns that produce results for a long time, you need to track your success and continue optimizing your ad campaigns.

Set up tracking on your landing pages to determine which ads perform best. It also pays to gather your performance metrics on your social media accounts to keep track of which type of ads and messaging works best and focus on producing similar content.

Now You Know How to Create Social Media Ads

You can’t just throw up a few posts on social media platforms and expect success. If you don’t target the right audience or produce the right content, it’s hard to gain traction and grow your brand. Now that you know how to create social media ads, you can start creating social media posts that get results.

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