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Confused about choosing the best SEO agency for your company.?.Yes, I know that finding a excellent SEO freelancer is just as hard as selecting a wife. One mistake and you are ready to put your website, time and money in danger.It is very unfortunate that the SEO market is surrounded by people who follow fraudulent strategies. It will not be wrong to say that the search engine optimisation business has a lot of people who follow unethical practices. They still follow the tricks which have been obsolete for more than a 8 years now But these freelancers still practice mass link building which is considered unethical by Google. The traditional search engine optimisation methodologies of 1990’s don’t work in today’s time. No doubt these SEO companies still follow methods which do not work to make money and deliver nothing.

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How Hiring a Low-Cost Digital Marketing Company can be a Fiasco

Who does not know about Google Penguin, an up-date that came in April 2012 and transformed everything about SEO. If the site had an unnatural backlink pattern, then simply it was affected by this upgrade. Google used to penalise websites with low quality links before also. Penalty also existed prior to penguin when Google used to penalise websites for back links manually. Earlier these kinds of spam linking used to do the job (till 2008-2010) but then Google got more tough in this. Using Black or Grey hat practices is almost suicidal nowadays with The search engines being very strict in penalties. Your site can come out of a penalty if you have got all the details about your back links and work which your SEO agency has done. Usually SEO agencies hide penalty messages to make sure they don’t lose the contract. This way, you will be blindfolded and never understand the actual reason for your web site not ranking well on The search engines. Interestingly, even when you change your SEO company, it will not be simple for other people to figure out what the actual issue is and how to resolve the penalty problem. This is because you will not have a comprehensive report from your digital marketing firm who has been doing a bad job of links on your web-site.

Best Three things to expect from a good SEO Professional

Focus on Content

Approach not Techniques. SEO is an organic channel which grows over time. If you are actually looking for short term fast results then probably you should go for Google PPC. Pay Per Click will help you generate sales opportunities in no-time by putting your ad on page one of Google. Pay Per Click is not only used for lead generation but also for branding using Google display network. White hat SEO or Honest SEO is the correct way to do search engine optimization. If search engine optimization is actually done the white hat method then the website should not be penalised ever. On-page search engine optimisation should be the major focus in 2020 where content is the king and website design and style is the queen. We recommend that you talk to your SEO expert and ask them to properly stick to these as part of their search engine optimization project.

Smart Link Strategy

Links are actually the foundation for search engine ranking on high competition keywords. Building links is different nowadays where anyone need a marketing and advertising guy to connect with bloggers like a public relation professional. There is no harm in asking what building links techniques and methods are used by your search engine optimization provider. It is critical to review reports after every week or 2 weeks to see where we are actually with everything. Quality of links is a lot more important in SEO marketing than the quantity of back links developed by your SEO agency. Getting a excellent website link is actually just like mining precious metal. It is actually difficult to locate sites who are ok to offer a link-back.

SEO Reporting

Skilled SEO expert will always be transparent in sharing the reports for on-page and off-page. on-site-on-page work changes reports are essential to be reported by the SEO freelancer so that you can review them should be noted in a report by your SEO freelancer|It would be good to have reports in Google docs about on-site changes. I prefer Google docs thanks to the real-time monitoring convenience. Records are actually crucial to track the overall performance of any SEO marketing campaign. Every one of the backlinks which are built for your site should be in a spreadsheet with login details or information of the website webmasters. If there is any announcements about toxic back links or you think link profile is toxic then the link reports will be really useful in the future.

This is Very Important

In case you are working with a reputed SEO agency then I think you are in risk-free hands. If any agency promises first page search engine ranking then that is an alarming sign and you should not work with them blindly. Selecting an SEO firm is certainly nothing less than hiring an crucial position in your firm. Make sure you ask all issues, check work references, check past results before giving an SEO project.