More Than Qualifications: Good Project Management Skills to Develop


By 2027, the demand for project management jobs is projected to get up to 87.7 million.

You’re starting out in project management, and to be employable, you want to develop the necessary skills needed in the job market. You’re aware that you not only need the qualifications you got from school but also soft skills. Project management skills cover both the hard and soft skills needed for the success of a project.

If you aren’t well acquainted with good project management skills, this is the article for you. Read along to get pointers on which project management skills to develop.

Learn How to Communicate Effectively

One of the most essential skills when working with people to achieve specific goals is communication. Effective communication cuts across every relationship, be it work, marriage and friendship. Project management entails working with a group of people who might not have met or worked together before.

In a project, each person in the team is expected to add value towards achieving the intended goal. A good communicator can bring the team together and lay out the main fundamentals to increase efficiency. Communication skill ensures everyone is performing and issues affecting the project get heard.

Effective Time Management

Every project has a scope that contains a detailed outline of all the aspects of the project, from timelines to deliverables. A successful project is gauged according to the time and money spent to achieve the intended deliverables. To be an effective project manager, you need to have the ability to manage time and prioritize important tasks.

If you have excellent time management skills, it’ll trickle down to your workers, who’ll respect deadlines. Effective time management is ensuring all the tasks get completed as planned. Good managers make changes where they feel productivity is not at optimum to prevent time inefficiency.

Be a Problem Solver

Not always, do things turn out as we had planned in our head; you thus need to harness the skill of thinking on your feet. Many things could go wrong when working on any project; that’s why you should be proactive in identifying and mitigating risks. As the project manager, the rest of the team will look up to you for solutions.

Have a problem-solving framework where you have a detailed solution for any problem that might occur in the project. However, you might not be able to identify a problem before it happens. In such a situation, you need to have practiced the art of solving problems in record time.

More so, problem-solving entails providing oversight in the implementation of the solution. The speed at which you come up with solutions is essential to ensure the project is not adversely affected. Train yourself to analyze tricky situations and come up with solutions on the spot.


To many, it might seem obvious, but there’s a need to emphasize why leadership is a crucial part of a project manager skill set. As a leader, you should identify your leadership style before anything else. Leadership is important in how you can bring your team together and motivate them.

You have to show leadership by leading others in coming up with plans and ideas to make the project a success. More so, you need to create a conducive environment for your workers throughout the project. Know when it’s time to delegate duties and when you need to have full control of what is happening.

Negotiation Skills

Being good in negotiation creates an environment where everyone gets satisfied. The project you are handling might have people with conflicting interests, and your job is to bring them on the same page. Getting good deals from suppliers might require you to tactfully apply your negotiation skills.

Conversations about the budget and allocation of resources can become heated if not handled with diplomacy. A good project management professional should have the ability to negotiate in such situations. There are tons of resources online that you can read to get the theoretical aspect of negotiating.

Planning Skills

As the manager, you’re looked upon to come up with the project management plan. A project management plan is an approved document that entails how you intend to execute and monitor the project. It has a detailed summary of how you intend to deliver all aspects covered in the project’s scope.

Project management requires you to pay attention to detail when coming up with the project plan. It’s a critical skill that influences the overall time and cost management of the project.

Managing a Team

Managing people will be one of the resources you are going to get tasked to manage. You should be able to create a rapport with anyone and be easy to talk to. How you manage your team will influence the success of the project at hand.

You’ll be managing people with different mindsets and goals; you thus need to create a focal point where everyone gets valued for who they are. More so, you have to keep tabs on who is in charge of what and their underlying deliverables to the project.

Risk Management

In any project, there are potential vulnerabilities that pose risk to the success of the project. As the project manager, you’ve to identify those vulnerabilities and have a detailed plan to mitigate them. More so, you need to learn how to reduce all the possible risks to eliminate problems down the road.

If you are an employer, hire a project manager with sound risk management skills to avoid unforeseen losses.

Good Project Management Skills to Take Your Career to the Next Level

While having theoretical knowledge of good project management skills is essential, you also need to practice them. This way, you will have an idea of areas you’re not good at to improve.

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