The Importance of Sustainable Beauty Packaging


The beauty industry is responsible for over 120 billion units of package production globally each year. The majority of this packaging isn’t recyclable.

With that much waste produced, sustainable options are becoming more important than ever.

As either a cosmetic supplier or consumer, why should you care about what your makeup is packaged in?

Keep reading to learn about the importance of switching to sustainable beauty packaging.

Sustainable Beauty Packaging Helps the Environment

The major impact of sustainable packaging is the reduction of total waste produced.

A majority of beauty products are packaged in single-use plastic. 91% of this plastic will never be recycled. This plastic sits in landfills where it will take 450 years to decompose.

As plastic decomposes, it releases tons of toxic greenhouse gases into the air. Smaller pieces of this plastic affect local soil and water quality. The plastic that doesn’t make it to a landfill further pollutes the environment.

These microplastics pose a threat to plant and animal life.

Beauty packaging that contains more eco-friendly materials reduces the amount of discarded plastic. Options such as cardboard or glass packaging are great alternatives. This benefits not only your local environment but the global ecosystem as a whole.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable beauty packaging options give companies a chance to improve society.

Companies are choosing to show corporate social responsibility by switching to eco-friendly packaging. Major corporations have the most impact since they are the ones manufacturing products and their packaging.

Consumers tend to favor organizations that are working to help current environmental issues. Companies can use their position of power to make positive changes in the industry with sustainable packaging.

Financial Savings

A large part of product prices take into account shipping and production costs. The heavier packaging is, the more it costs a company to ship it.

Sustainable beauty packaging can weigh significantly less, saving companies money in production. Thus, consumers then pay less for the same products.

Beauty industry suppliers are also choosing sustainable beauty packaging options for durability. Less product is wasted during shipping or stocking when items aren’t damaged. Corporations save money on products when less must be discarded.

Eco-friendly beauty product ingredients and packaging may be cheaper to buy in bulk as well. Glass jars with lids wholesale, on average, cost 4.97 cents less per unit than plastic containers.

Connect to Customers

Changing to sustainable beauty packaging can include customers in your efforts. Customers can be part of the process rather than simply reading “eco-friendly” on a label.

There are many ways to connect with customers to reduce waste. For example, some companies offer refillable glass packaging customers can return and pick up.

Sustainable packaging ideas can involve customers in the process. This means both production and after-sale waste can be reduced! This strengthens the bond over ideals between a company and their consumers.

Sustainable Beauty Packaging and You

As a supplier, choosing sustainable beauty packaging shows your company cares. Reducing waste in the beauty industry tells your customers you are doing your part.

Sustainable packaging, for consumers, reduces the impact of their single purchase. Plastic packaging will end up in a landfill or local landscape. Sustainable packaging can be reused and is healthier for the environment.

What are you waiting for? Check out which companies are choosing sustainable beauty packaging to reduce waste.