How You Can Prevent Having Your Email Leaked


Every single day, there are around 2,200 cyberattacks recorded online. That includes break-ins on databases, and it can result in having an email leaked to the internet. Once that happens, even more information of yours can be at risk.

Hackers with access to your email can sift through its contents to find sensitive information. If you use online banking, they may be able to find your bank login. They may also be able to find your address, information about your family, or worse.

Keep reading below to learn how to prevent email leaking online.

Avoid an Email Leaked to the Internet With Encryption

The best way to avoid having your email leaked to the masses is by using encryption tools. These advanced technologies add a layer of protection to your communications. Hackers that try to break into an encrypted email will have their work cut out for them.

The technology works by first taking the content of your email and scrambling it. This way, if a hacker tries to intercept and read your email, they will only find gibberish. The only way to make sense of this encrypted text is with a special kind of key.

It gives the key to the person you meant to send the email to, and they use it to transform gibberish back into the original email. Depending on how advanced the level of encryption is, hackers will not be able to tell what you were trying to say.

There is more to this type of technology, though. You can learn more about it here.

Prevent Email Leaking by Using Different Addresses

One of the best ways to avoid having your emails leaked is by using different addresses for different purposes. For example, you can use a personal email account for things like online shopping or sending pictures to friends. You can also have a professional account to speak with clients and the rest of your company.

By having two different email addresses, you can immediately mitigate the loss of sensitive information. If one email leaks, you can immediately tell what other kinds of communication are at risk. Then, you can reach out to others who may be affected and prevent them from being hacked too.

Always Use Two-Factor Authentication

The best way to prevent a hacker from breaking into your email account is by using two-factor authentication. This kind of cybersecurity technology basically requires anyone who logs in to have a second password. That second password is sent to either your phone in a text message or already set by an authenticator app.

To log in, you need to have that password as well as the typical password to access the account. However, the second password will expire shortly after you receive it. So, hackers need to hack into your phone to be able to access your email — a much harder task than accessing an email account.

Preventing Leaked Emails Takes Work

Cybersecurity takes work, but it is always worth it to protect yourself. There are hackers in every corner of the internet, looking for new ways to trick you into giving a password. But if you have two-factor authentication and encryption, you can prevent having an email leaked online.

If your account is hacked though, it’s not the end of the world. You can change passwords to kick hackers out of your account. You can also simply switch email accounts, using an alternate one that hasn’t been hacked for all your communications.

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