Madridbased Jobandtalent 290m 80k Lomastechcrunch

Madridbased Jobandtalent 290m 80k Lomastechcrunch

Madrid-based 108m 290m 80k lomastechcrunch, A Spanish online platform for HR services and job matching, Jobandtalent, recently declared that it had raised $290 million in a fresh round of funding. General Atlantic, a US private equity firm, served as the round’s lead investor. A few other investors, including Liberty Technology and Kibo Ventures, as well as a number of current investors, including Atomico, Vostok New Ventures, and Nauta Capital, also participated. With this most recent round, the company’s total fundraising has reached over $440 million, giving it a $1.1 billion market value. Additionally, it is said that the business serves more than 80,000 corporate clients.

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Know Basics of Jobandtalent

Juan Urdiales, Andrés Briz, and Daniel Undurraga embarked on a quest in 2009 to transform the job search procedure and make it easier for talented people to locate positions that are in line with their interests and skill sets. As a result, Madrid-based 108 m 290m 80k lomastechcrunch was established, providing a variety of software tools and services to help link job searchers and businesses. The platform now spans six nations, from Spain to the UK, and has an astounding user base of over 8 million people. Finding the ideal employment fit has never been simpler thanks to Jobandtalent.

Jobandtalent Product And Services

For both businesses and job seekers, Jobandtalent provides a variety of tools and options. The platform offers employers a wide range of services like applicant tracking, job matching, and in-depth recruitment analytics to speed up the recruiting process. On the other hand, Jobandtalent offers job searchers expert advice, career coaching, customized job referrals, and personal job searches. In order to facilitate seamless interaction between companies and potential applicants, the organization also provides a wide range of mobile and digital goods. The best one-stop shop for all recruitment needs is Jobandtalent.

Bottom Lines

With an outstanding $290 million fundraising round, the Madrid-based HR services firm Jobandtalent has been making headlines and bringing its total capital to over $440 million. With this additional funding, Jobandtalent intends to launch an expansion strategy that includes foraying into new regions and investing in cutting-edge technologies. Also, the business has entered into a strategic agreement with Lomastechcrunch that will enable Jobandtalent to provide even more specialized and enhanced services to both employers and job searchers. The future of Jobandtalent is more promising than ever.

What is Jobandtalent?

Back in 2009, Jobandtalent was established as an online HR service and job-matching platform based in Spain.

How Much Money Has Jobandtalent Raised?

With total funding of more than $440 million, Jobandtalent has recently received a whopping investment of $290 million in its latest funding round.

What Does Partnership With Lomastechrunch Entail?

Jobandtalent’s collaboration with Lomastechcrunch aims to enhance its services for employers by providing more personalized and improved offerings.

What is jobandtalent 108m 290m 80k lomastechcrunch?

Madridbased 108m 290m 80k lomastechcrunch recently raised $290 million in a funding round led by US Private Equity firm General Atlantic, bringing its total funding to over $440 million and valuing the company at over $1.1 billion.

What is it about madridbased jobandtalent 108m 80k lomastechcrunch?

Jobandtalent, a Madrid-based online job matching and HR services platform from Spain, has raised $290 million in a funding round led by General Atlantic, along with investors Liberty Technology, Kibo Ventures, Atomico, Vostok New Ventures, and Nauta Capital.