5 Essential Startup Roles That You Need to Fill


Did you know that over 600,000 new businesses are founded every year? Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs take the leap into the business world and form startups, and you’re next! But what are some vital startup roles to fill with your new company?

If you’re looking into executive roles in a startup, we’re here to help. Here are five of the positions you need for a successful startup.

1. Talent Scout

Most small businesses don’t stay small for long, and that means expanding your team. To do this, you should ensure that one of the first positions filled is a talent scout or recruiter.

Your talent scout should have the task of finding new people that bring value to your team. Networking, social media presence, and many other abilities can come in handy here. A good talent scout can help fill in the other tech startup roles as well.

2. Big Picture

Founding a business is stressful and it’s easy to get caught up in the daily drag of everything that needs doing. There’re business proposals to make, marketing to be done, and countless other tasks. But while you work on this, make sure you have someone looking at the big picture.

Having someone in a role to layout the future plans of your company is crucial to your success. A medtech startup would want to have someone that can fill in the year-by-year plans and goals. That way, you can stay on task and move steadily towards the goalposts.

3. Details and Plans

Big pictures¬†are important, but that doesn’t mean you can have your head firmly in the clouds. One of the most crucial startup roles is to have someone that can lay out everything that needs doing. Whether it’s your CEO or a management pick, make sure someone has the short-term plans set in motion.

4. Task Manager

When a group of friends go into business together, accountability sometimes falls behind. It’s vital to appoint someone that can keep everyone accountable and on task. Oftentimes, this falls to the role of a startup CEO.

Make sure you’re appointing a task manager that can keep everyone on task. All the planning and talent in the world is useless if the tasks aren’t being done!

5. Chief Marketing

Finally, you’ll want someone that can get your name out. Startup marketing roles are one of the first things you should look to set up.

Whether the role is about maximizing SEO, boosting social media presence, or meeting with relevant parties, marketing is crucial. Make sure one of the first tech startup roles you fill is to have someone in charge of marketing.

Organizing Startup Roles

Setting startup roles can make or break your business right from the start. Having the right person in the right position is often the first step to a flourishing business. Ensure you’re filling all the necessary roles to keep your business growing from startup to success.

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