Business Essentials: Unpacking the Benefits of Managed IT Services


By 2025, cybercrime could reach a global financial impact of $10.5 trillion. Meanwhile, nearly 60% of buyers will avoid companies that suffered an attack in the past year.

About 70% of consumers believe companies aren’t doing enough to protect their private information, either.

Whether you want to invest in cybersecurity, move to the cloud, or update your tech, you need a managed IT team. What are the benefits of managed IT services, exactly? Keep reading to find out.

After reading this guide, you can determine if IT management suits your company’s needs. Read on to discover the benefits of IT management today.

1. Access to Experts

If you lack experience regarding software, malware, hardware, and IT trends, you need to consider managed IT services.

Hiring an IT management company will give you access to a team of experienced experts. You can leverage their experience to make informed decisions about your business.

Without their help, however, you could waste valuable time and money. Trial and error could impact your team’s productivity and bottom line. Meanwhile, having to use outdated systems might start to frustrate your employees.

Your customers could get annoyed, too. Eventually, they might choose one of your competitors over your business.

Before that can happen, consider these benefits of managed IT services.

With a managed IT team supporting your business, you can make smarter decisions with your company’s future in mind.

For example, your IT manager can inform you about new technology, hardware, and software. They’ll determine what changes will benefit your business the most. Then, you can start making smarter adjustments to your IT infrastructure.

They can even make recommendations with your long-term goals or current struggles in mind.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to waste time researching or struggling to make decisions. Instead, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your IT team is there to help.

2. Remain Secure

Remember, cybercrime is posing an ongoing threat to businesses. If your company isn’t secure, previous customers might no longer trust you. Would-be future customers might turn away from your business, too.

If you’ve lost data to a hacker or ransomware, your team’s productivity might come to a grinding halt.

Instead of waiting for a cyberattack, contact a managed IT company. They can make changes to your cybersecurity right away. With their help, you can avoid an attack before it ever happens.

Otherwise, you might not realize the potential vulnerabilities that will eventually hurt your business.

The benefits of IT management can have a long-term effect, too. First, your IT team can update your malware and firewall. Then, they can ensure your company’s security and stability.

Customers will begin to realize you’re a safe, secure option. They might start to trust your business over others in the industry as a result.

3. Stronger Reputation

Protecting your business from potential attacks can also improve your company’s reputation.

Remember, nearly 60% of consumers will avoid companies that have suffered an attack in the past year. Consumers will remember what happened. If their information was stolen after they trusted your business, they might not come back.

Meanwhile, about 70% of shoppers say their experiences drive future buying decisions. About 80% will even pay more for better customer service.

Improving your customer service can increase your revenue by 80%.

With managed IT services, you can improve and streamline the customer’s buying experiences. Consumers will begin to realize how easy it is to rely on your business. Then, they’ll keep coming back over time.

As customers return to your business over and over again, you’ll begin to gain loyal customers. Boosting your customer retention rate will improve your ROI.

Meanwhile, your happy customers will tell others about their positive experiences with your business. Your brand’s reputation will improve. Word-of-mouth can help you gain new, loyal customers, too.

If you continue falling victim to cyberattacks, however, customers will get frustrated. They’ll leave and take their business elsewhere.

Before that can happen, consider these benefits of managed IT services. With IT management, you can set your business and brand reputation up for success.

4. Keep Competing

There’s a chance your competitors are already enjoying these benefits of IT management. You don’t want to fall behind. If they aren’t working with a managed IT company, you have the chance to gain a competitive advantage.

Working with an IT management team will streamline your operations. When everything runs smoothly, your team’s productivity will improve. Increased productivity will increase your output, and with it, your ROI.

Working with a managed IT team can help you remain competitive.

5. Immediate Help

If there’s an IT issue or outage, halting operations to fix the problem can impact your productivity and ROI. Many businesses use the break-fix method when handling technology problems.

They wait for a problem, pause everything, and waste time looking for a solution.

The break-fix method will cost you time and money. It can cause unnecessary stress, too.

Instead, consider these benefits of IT management. Your IT team can review your current infrastructure. They’ll look for bottlenecks and start making improvements right away.

You can remain proactive before problems strike.

You could benefit from remote monitoring and management services, too. If a new problem pops up, your IT management team can step in right away. Their immediate response can help your team get back up and running.

You can reach out to the team at Truit today to get immediate help.

6. Track Trends

New trends in technology (including software and hardware) pop up all the time. If you’re behind relevant trends, it could impact your business.

With managed IT services, you can remain apprised of any trends that can impact your industry. Then, you can apply those trends before your competitors get the chance.

7. Improve Your ROI

One of the best benefits of IT management is its effect on your ROI.

Remember, IT management services can boost your output and productivity. You can minimize downtime to increase your ROI. Meanwhile, you’ll have an easier time retaining employees and customers as well.

Better Businesses: 7 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Team

Set your business up for success this year. Experience these benefits of managed IT services firsthand. With IT management, you can boost your ROI and help your business grow.

Hire a managed IT company today to experience these benefits for yourself.

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