How to Disable Vehicle GPS Tracking


You may not have known this, but a GPS tracker can pinpoint your location and driving speed with a ninety-five percent chance of accuracy. When working for a business or using it to help your car insurance rates, GPS tracking is a very useful tool.

However, eventually you may not need the GPS tracker or need to replace it. If that happens to be the case, then you have to know how to disable vehicle GPS tracking.

Luckily, we can show you how to do just that.

Why Use GPS Tracking?

There are plenty of good reasons to have a GPS tracker in your car.

The most important of these reasons is that it helps with safety. If your car has been stolen, you’ll be able to find it using the tracker. Likewise, if you get in a car wreck and need help, people will be able to find where the car is to assist you.

GPS tracking, when used for a business, can help to lower operational costs. The data received from GPS tracking can greatly help with understanding the vehicle you are using.

GPS tracking also helps to boost productivity, as managers can examine the data and time spent at a certain location to ensure everything is on track.

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How to Disable Vehicle GPS Tracking

Fortunately, disabling vehicle GPS tracking is an easier process than you might think, with just a few steps.

First, if you were not the one to install the GPS, you need to find the GPS tracker. It is usually located close to the ignition of the car. Look for new wiring, electrical tape, or anything different than the rest of the car.

Once you’ve located the GPS tracker, find the components. There may be two wires that act as antennas for the device. In addition, there could be multiple wires to the ignition. These keep the device charged.

After you’ve located all the various components, all that you need to do is disconnect the various wires. Some of the wires you may need to reconnect to your own car. As long as you’re careful, it should go fine.

You can ensure that you haven’t done anything wrong by trying to start your car once all the wiring has been fixed and the GPS components have been removed. If it starts, you have no need to worry!

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