How to Select Solar Installation Services: Everything You Need to Know


Are you planning the switch to solar energy? If yes, you’re on the right track to sustainability. The trick to a successful project is knowing how to select solar installation services.

Currently, the American Solar Panel Installation market size is at $14.9 billion. The growth in the industry stems from the demand that homes and businesses have for going green. You need to pick the right solar installer to ensure the system can serve you in the best possible way.

Your choice of the solar system installation service can make or break the project. A poorly done solar installation poses safety risks for your home due to issues like faulty wires and a leaky roof. Selecting the right option to work with isn’t a walk in the park, and you need the correct information.

If you’re wondering how to select solar installation services, this article is for you. Here’s a guide on everything you need to know for a great selection.

Compile a List of Candidates

Assuming you’ve not dealt with the solar installation before, you’ll have a harder time with choosing. The easiest way to hack the selection is to develop a list of potential candidates.

Launch an Internet search for the best solar installers, including local and national companies. Ensure that the selected solar provider can service your state. It isn’t wise to hire a solar company that hails from a different region; they’ll just extend the project period.

Type “Home solar installation” + your city or state to initiate the list. You’ll find a range of company options from the search results that you should include in your list. Please take a peek at their website to determine whether or not they’re worth working with.

Alongside your list, you should describe your ideal solar installation service. List down some of the deal breakers to have a foundation on which your decision rests. Your list needs to be adaptable since you might have high expectations that are hard to meet.

Experience Is Key

How long has the solar provider been installing solar panels? Evaluating the experience is critical when selecting solar installation services.

The longer the solar installer has been practicing, the better they are for your project. It’s recommended to choose solar companies that have served longer than five years. A contractor with solar installation experience picks up skills that help them serve you better.

Evaluate their recently completed solar installation projects to narrow down the list further. The before and after images help you foresee the solar installation results on your home.

Most of the so-called “solar companies” in your region aren’t specialists. They’re general contractors that pick up solar installation skills along the way. Therefore, you should check the company’s experience and confirm they only offer solar services.
Deliberate on National Vs. Local Company

While comparing your list, consider the differences between local and national businesses. Deliberating national vs. local companies will help narrow the selection.

National companies are generally larger and better established compared to the local options. As a result, you’ll enjoy comprehensive warranties when working with them. Some of these companies also have better resources and feature expansive payment options.

On the other hand, local companies are more familiar with local authority requirements. The fact that they serve a small market makes working with them more accessible. You can thus make appointments with them faster and have the installation sooner.

If you’re particular about hiring local companies, look for family-owned businesses in your area. A local option like Blue Raven installation company serves Texans and mainly Plano residents.

There’s no right or wrong answer for the national vs. local company debate. It all depends on your preference and what you’re willing to compromise. Indicate where each of the companies you’ve listed falls in and choose correctly.

Check Their Credentials

Do the authorities recognize the solar company? What licenses and certifications do they have to show? Assessing the solar provider’s credentials is crucial when selecting among them.

When checking the credentials, consider the licenses and insurance.


Every company’s operations in the market have to be vetted and approved by the authorities. Upon completion of the vetting, the provider is issued a license to show for it.

Ask the company for their credentials if you can’t find them online. A legitimate company will gladly offer you their credentials since they’ve got nothing to hide. Start by ensuring that the solar provider has the state-required licensing.

You should find companies with NABCEP certification since it’s considered the “gold standard.” NABCEP is a nationally recognized certification program commissioning installation techniques and sales. A solar provider with this certification will have undergone extensive training.


There’s so much that can go wrong during the installation, so you need coverage. Operating with the solar installers that are insured is therefore advisable.

Insurance shields you from liability should anything happen. Therefore, you’re assured that insurance will pay you if there’s damage during installation. The insurance cover saves you the back and forth you’d otherwise have with the typical installer.

The bonded solar providers are relieved of their worries during the installation. They can thus focus on serving you satisfactorily.
Assess the Client Testimonials

None of the certifications matters if the solar installation company mistreats its clients. You should therefore evaluate client testimonials to narrow down the list.

What do the previous clients have to say about their experience with the solar company? The fact that they’ve worked with them means that clients can offer insight into what they’re like. Only settle for reputable solar installation services since they can serve you better.

Ask the company to provide referrals. You can reach out to these referrals and request an honest view of their experience. Check out the testimonials on the company’s website as well for an accurate opinion.

You require honest reviews for better decisions, so consult your trusted friends and family. Their recommendations of solar installers they’ve worked with before will help you decide.

Check the solar installation company’s rating on third-party review websites like BBB. The extensive research into their reputation means you have an easy time choosing. Cross off options whose reviews aren’t as impressive from your list to narrow down the selection.

Turnaround Time on the Project

Each project needs a deadline to allow for concentration on its completion. Your solar system project is no exception, and you should think of how to schedule it.

When planning the solar installation project, consider the turnaround time that the experts can manage. Ask the experts if they’re available to handle the project at the time you’ve scheduled it. You wouldn’t want the solar installer to juggle between your project and another, right?

Ensuring they’re available allows them to focus wholly on your project. By knowing how long the project will take, you can make the right plans to oversee its completion. Select a solar installation service that’s available and ensure they can complete the project in a reasonable time.

Find Customized Solution

Not all programs are similar, so you have to account for the differences in your solar installation project. Customization of the project is, therefore, necessary to meet your needs.

You, therefore, need a solar installation expert that can deliver your custom design systems. They should start by understanding your needs to determine the solar panel designs suitable for you.

A custom-fit system matches your overall energy plans. You, therefore, get a residential solar system that’s reliable. All this is made possible by a solar provider willing to tailor the system to your needs.

Get Multiple Quotes and Compare

How much are you willing to spend on the solar installation? Drafting a solar installation budget is a standard procedure when handling the project. It would help to compare quotes from multiple providers to find reasonably priced options.

The solar installation companies are ready to offer a rough estimate online, so consider asking them. They could also come in and make measurements for an accurate estimate of the project costs. Evaluating the estimates from multiple providers offers an average you can work with.

Ensure that the price is comprehensive to avoid surprises because of extra charges. The hidden costs can inflate the project cost, and you might end up paying so much.

Remember, cheap is rarely the best if they compromise on the value you get. Find a solar installation contractor whose price fits your budget and can guarantee value in service.

Evaluate Their Financing Options

Solar installation is a capital-intensive investment, so you’ll need a considerable cash outlay at first. You might not have all the money at once, so you should think of how to finance the project. Evaluate the financing options that the solar company offers to determine if they’re good for you.

Entering a power purchase agreement with the company offers you full financing for the project. Once you have solar power at your home, you can pay for the costs at a favorable rate. The effect is that you enjoy solar energy without your finances taking a significant hit.

It’s advisable to consult with the company and identify their financing plans. The financing options will guide your selection, so cross off those that don’t offer favorable plans.

Look Through the Workmanship Warranties

What do you do in the unlikely event that your residential solar system fails to work? Replacing solar panels at your cost can be expensive. You, therefore, need a solar installation service that offers workmanship warranties.

Your solar energy system comes with various warranties, so you should check the content. The warranty lasts between 1 and 10 years, meaning you get guaranteed service.

Should you experience problems with the solar system, you thus know who to call. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for any repairs or replacements. The installer will handle all the costs between them and the solar manufacturer.

Schedule a Consultation

Are you compatible now that you’ll be working with the solar provider during the project period? Schedule a consultation with the solar installation service company to set everything straight.

Consultations bring you and the installer together to determine whether you can work in tandem. Check their personality and ensure they’re the best fit for your project.

If you have any questions about the project, it’s necessary that you seek answers. A great solar installation service is ready to offer satisfactory answers to ensure you’re at peace. Don’t worry about how stupid your question might look; the experts will help you find a suitable answer.

The consultation also allows the expert to have a look into your project. Therefore, they can recommend the best course of action and review any plans you’d made earlier. Expert input is critical for a functioning solar system, so you should consult them.

Evaluate the Agreement Terms Before Signing

You’ve narrowed down your list and have a candidate you feel is the one. There’s still the little matter of formally hiring them, which involves contract signing. You should evaluate the agreement terms before signing.

Most of the dubious installer companies hide liability clauses in the agreement terms. They know unsuspecting homeowners don’t read the terms, making them culprits. Reading and understanding the terms before signing will prevent you from falling prey to such schemes.

If there’s something you don’t understand in the agreement, consult about it. You could also have your lawyer go through the agreement terms to verify they’re favorable before you sign. The assurance that the contract is in order will offer you peace of mind as you work with the solar provider.

You Now Know How to Select Solar Installation Services

Finding the best solar installation provider doesn’t always have to be challenging. The above guide highlights everything you need to know on how to select solar installation services. Reputable solar installers are your best bet to enjoying a functional residential solar system.

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