Web Design Essentials You Need To Know


Designing a website is not easy. Although you can get the help of website builder platforms like WIX and WordPress, you have a lot to do yourself, especially regarding the look and layout of your website.

Plus, building the less glamorous back-end of the website can also be a difficult and confusing task, as you have to consider the SEO of your pages, how they link together, and the structure and metadata.

To help make web designing a little easier, whether you’re building it for a small business or just for personal use, check out these essential tips to help you get a good start.

Don’t use too many colors

Color can make your website pop and give it a bit of personality, especially if you use the colors consistently within your branding. However, it’s important that you use color correctly and not go overboard.

This is because too many colors can make the content on your website hard to read. This is why many top websites add color to their banners and footers and then leave the main body of the website white so that it contrasts well with the black text.

Using a colored background can cause eye strain for readers and make it more difficult to view. If you’re trying to make your website unique, don’t do it by having a funky and quirky background color, as it will just backfire.

Include calls-to-action

When you build a website, you need to be aware of each page’s goal. For example, if you have a page explaining a product’s features, you will want the reader to buy that product. If you have an about us page explaining your history, you may want the reader to sign up to a newsletter.

Whatever you want the viewer to do, you need to make it clear with call-to-actions. These are basically linked prompts that tell the user what to do. Simple calls to action are phrases like ‘buy now’ or ‘find out more’. Call-to-actions are usually inside a contrasting colored box, and there’s a whole study on the best way to include them. To create a better call-to-action and work out your website’s desired flow, try to partner with an agency that specializes in building websites, such as this Web Design Birmingham company.

Small image file sizes 

A well-designed website is a fast-loading one. This means that to create a good website, it needs to have a low amount of assets on the page or assets that don’t take up much storage space. To do this, make sure to compress all your images so that they’re as small as possible. This may alter the quality of the image, but unless you’re a photographer showcasing your portfolio, you don’t need amazing imagery on your website.


These tips just scratch the iceberg on what you can do to improve the design of your website. However, these are also often overlooked pieces of advice that should make your website better than most if you implement them.