WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6: Is It Worth the Upgrade?


We’re on our devices more than ever these days, sometimes for hours a day at a time. If you’re on the go, that likely means you’re going to be relying on wifi access in order to get online and get things done.

If you are looking for a wifi connection, you might need to determine the difference between wifi 5 vs wifi 6. Both of these connections will allow you to get on the internet, but the more updated wifi 6 might be able to do so in a much more efficient matter.

Is it worth looking into updating your router and web access? Why upgrade to WiFi 6? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Should I Switch To WiFi 6?

The WiFi Alliance first announced WiFi 6 back in 2018, offering a faster version of web access that was based on the existing model and digital framework. Newer devices, such as new iPhones from Apple, are already WiFi 6 compatible.

That means if you have updated tech at your home, you’re in the proper position to be able to take advantage of all that WiFi 6 has to offer. Routers that have been certified for WiFi 6 are now on the market.

What does WiFi 6 offer? The new tech improves the overall connectivity of existing web connections. Wifi connections will run smoother even in high-density environments, and they’ll be able to handle an even higher amount of connected and compatible devices.

The data transfer rates have also improved in this generation of WiFi, meaning larger files can be transferred quicker over this kind of connection.

If it sounds like you’re in the position to take advantage of these types of benefits, it might be worth considering making the switch to WiFi 6.

WiFi 5 Vs WiFi 6: What’s The Difference?

What really is the difference between this new generation of WiFi and the one that came before it? Most of our devices have been operating off of WiFi 5 connections since the middle of the last decade.

Intel has a breakdown of the difference between the two. WiFi 6 connections can move 9.6 Gbps across multiple channels, while WiFi 5 capped out at about 3.5 Gbps. To give you a sense of just how much of an improvement that is, that means that a WiFi 6 router could perform at over 250 percent faster a rate than the previous generation.

This increased speed is thanks to orthogonal frequency division multiple access. This allows new routers to increase their network capacity significantly. You can learn more about the specifics of these advancements.

Deciding On A Switch To WiFi 6

It’s an exciting time in the world of tech, with new innovations happening all around us all of the time. The advancements experts have been able to make in the field of wifi have been amazing.

The above information can help you understand the differences between WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6. They can help you determine if the time is right for you to upgrade.

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