4 Perfect Product Photography Ideas for Online Businesses


Here’s a fact that might surprise you. When customers discover products on search engines like Google, around one in five people use the image search feature.

Good photos have a huge impact when starting an eCommerce business. Getting the perfect product photograph can help turn single-figure sales into double or triple figures.

So to help you improve your website, here are four easy and effective product photography ideas for you to try today.

1. Choose Some Quirky Staging

Staging for product photography is an art form all on its own. But even if you are an amateur photographer, you can have plenty of fun experimenting with some weird and wonderful props or angles to get people’s attention.

For example, why not hang your product from a prop like a ladder or a door handle?

That works great for laced shoes or jewelry and will help your product stand apart from competitors. To get more guidance on staging your photos, continue reading here.

Alternatively, you could add an unrelated product to your photo, like a toy or piece of fruit.

The clothing brand Zara has applied this technique so successfully that their strange product photos even have a dedicated parody account on Instagram!

2. Add a Landscape

Try superimposing your business products onto a striking background landscape for added effect.

With modern photo editing technology, you won’t have to part with thousands of dollars for a fancy on-location photoshoot to get the look you want!

Instead, purchase some fun landscape images on a stock photo website or hire a photographer to capture some compelling landscape images for you.

There is no limit to how you use this in your product photos. You could superimpose your product to a picture of an active volcano, a tropical island, or even the North Pole.

3. Be Bold With Color

The vast majority of e-commerce websites list product photos on a white background.

While there are some advantages to going for that tried and tested minimalist technique, you are at risk of making your website look the same as everything else.

So try some color in your pictures. Add a lime green background to a product shot, or get models dressed top to toe in neon pink to stand next to your goods. Your website will look bright, colorful, and engaging.

4. Try Group Shots

This tip, if done effectively, could boost your website sales! It involves photographing a set of related products together in one picture. For a practical example, imagine you run a clothing store.

A group photo might showcase a professionally styled outfit, including accessories. It’s also a technique that works well with home products, such as matching kitchen appliances or bedroom furnishings.

Perfect Product Photography Ideas

Products don’t have to follow the same format when showcasing on your website. Use these four product photography ideas to find something original that helps set your brand apart.

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