A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Mailing Packages


Are you wondering what types of mailing packages you can use for your business?

For most businesses, sending out mail with advertising materials and orders is one of the most direct ways of reaching a customer and selling your products.

Having the right kind of mailing packages can help you market and sell your products through no other medium than mail.

To learn more about the purpose and types of mailing packages, keep reading for a complete guide on these packages.

Padded Envelopes

Padded envelopes are great for protecting items during shipping, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Here are the different types of padded envelopes available:

Small padded envelopes are perfect for sending small items like jewelry or coins. They have a self-sealing closure and are easy to pack.

Medium padded envelopes are a good choice for larger items like books or DVDs. It has flap closures and are more durable than small envelopes.

Large padded envelopes are great for shipping larger items like clothing or small electronics. They typically have a zipper closure and are the most durable option.

Extra-large padded envelopes are perfect for shipping very large items like furniture or appliances. They have durable construction and a heavy-duty closure.

Flat-Rate Packages

The most popular type of mail package by far is the flat rate package. This package is amazing because it allows you to send items of any weight to anywhere in the country for a low, flat rate.

No matter how heavy your items are, you can rest assured that they will arrive at their destination quickly and affordably.

Cubic Pricing

Tubes are cylindrical in shape and are used for items such as posters or rolled-up documents. Cubic pricing is a type of pricing that is based on the size and weight of the item being shipped.

First-Class Packages

The first-class package is typically the most expensive option. It is generally the most reliable and offers the quickest delivery times.

However, they can be quite costly, especially if you are mailing a large or heavy package. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider another type of mailing package.

Priority Mail Express

If you need your items to arrive as soon as possible, you can choose from a variety of priority mail express shipping options. With overnight delivery available in some areas, you can rest assured knowing your items will arrive quickly and safely.

If you need to ship items that are larger or heavier, there are also options for express shipping that can accommodate your needs.

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Pick the Right Mailing Packages for Your Needs

Choosing the right mailing packages can seem daunting, but considering the type of product and the distance it will be traveling will help you make the best decision for your needs. With a little research, you can ensure that your product arrives safely.

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