3 Tips for Using an Electric Car Charger


How often do you see an electric car?

Experts report that by 2030, around 22% of all cars on United States highways will be electric cars. That number might even increase, considering how popular electric cars are becoming every single day!

For that kind of demand, electric car chargers are more necessary than ever before. If you plan to use an electric vehicle, you’ll need to learn how to efficiently use one of these car chargers.

Here are three tips for using an electric car charger. Keep reading to learn some valuable information!

1. General Tips for Conserving Energy

There are a few small tips we can say about conserving energy for your electric car. We’re lumping these into one category because simply doing just one of these steps may not change too much. When used all together, however, you’ll see a noticeable change in your electric car battery life!

First: don’t charge your battery all the way to 100%. You would think charging a car is similar to pumping gas, in that you’d want to have it on full. But in reality, charging your car to around 80% is better if it has a lithium-ion battery.

Cars that aren’t charged fully don’t have extra wiggle room for regenerative braking which allows kinetic energy to convert into usable energy. But this only happens if there is enough space, so charge to around 70-80%.

Next, driving at a steady and consistent pace will limit how much energy your battery uses. Consistent speeding burns energy like crazy.

Keep your electric vehicle (such as a Tesla car) out of extreme heat. EV batteries don’t fare well in the heat, just like some of us! Find shade or cover your car to prevent overheating.

2. Be Smart About Your Charging Routine

This next tip probably comes as no surprise. It’s a similar rule for those who drive a traditional car that runs on gas.

Plan your route and be smart about where and when you charge! If you’re low on battery and planning to go far, you definitely don’t want to wait to charge. Electric car chargers are scarce in some parts of the world so there’s no telling if you’ll find them somewhere convenient.

You can plan ahead by searching your route and designating certain spots where you can easily charge your vehicle.

On the opposite end, don’t let your car overcharge if you go out of town. It’s fine to leave it plugged in. Just set it to below 60% charge to prevent ruining battery life.

Lastly, a quick charge should only be used as a tool. Doing it too often kills the battery life much faster. Only use it if its necessary and please avoid letting the battery dip below 30%.

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3. Choose the Right Electric Car Charger

Car chargers come in different strengths. Your car dealer should be a good person to turn to if you have questions regarding which one to use.

Otherwise, you can check the manual or even online for which car charger is best for your vehicle. 120-volt outlet chargers can be plugged into outlets and are great for slow charging at home.

240-volt chargers are much faster but use a different power bank that must be installed into your home. These run anywhere form $200+ but are worth the investment if you want a car that charges fast!

More Advice For Your Car

We hope this short guide helped you learn a few things about using an electric car charger. It’s one of those things that you’ll learn easily the more time you spend with your vehicle.

You shouldn’t have too much of an issue if you follow the tips on this guide and take good care of your car.

For more helpful automobile tips, visit the technology section of our blog!