Best Banking Options for E-commerce Business Models


The e-commerce world is changing. Or rather it has changed.

Selling online has made tremendous strides since the 90s when the term first emerged. Back then, you couldn’t coax banking details out of any customers.

Nope, you had to work for it. Of course, it was unsafe to share any sensitive information on the web.

But today, this is the bedrock of e-commerce. Different e-commerce business models depend on the safety of successful banking options to run their businesses.

Below we will discuss different e-commerce business models and the ultimate things to seek out in successful banking options.

Different Types of E-commerce Business Models

A business model is simply how a business generates revenue or makes money. We have more traditional models like B2B and B2C. These have merged into more modern models and quick examples are:

  • Product-Centric
  • Marketplace
  • Subscriptions

Successful Banking Options

You have your online store, or run your business via online platforms like marketplaces. But you still need a way to transact and do your invoicing. And this is where digital banking solutions come in.

Here are our top picks for your digital payments.


Winden takes our top spot. Why? Because it is changing the landscape of fintech and banking as a whole.

Founded in 2021 by a former Apple card designer, this banking solution aims to offer small businesses a surviving chance with their zero fees feature.

The most notable offering from Winden is its no credit check policy which affords startups a better opportunity at raising capital.

With this account, e-commerce businesses can expect instant payments. You know how you have to wait days for your credit card payments to be processed? Well with Winden, you can enjoy the luxury of instant payments.

But we cannot end this piece without talking about Winden’s cash-back policy. This policy offers account holders the opportunity to earn cash-back on every transaction they make. This feature also offers account holders cash back on the first $10 000 they spend.

Check out this website to learn more about its features.


Wise is the best option for global e-commerce businesses.

It is known for its exchange currency feature which allows account holders to have 53 different currencies in their accounts. Wise also offers close to zero transaction fees.

Wise does however charge a once-off fee of 31 USD when opening an account. This fee gives users access to all its features and perks.


Our final offering is Nova.

This is an online-only banking platform, meaning it has no physical location you can go visit to signup or discuss loans.

But that doesn’t make it any less efficient.

Nova provides integration with platforms like eBay and Shopify to help you build your e-commerce presence. It will also provide you with a refund for all your ATM fees.

Choosing a Banking Option

When it comes to e-commerce business models, picking the right banking solution will help you grow your business and save money.

Whether you process checks or only accept digital payments, these banking solutions will be perfect for your business.

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