10 Real Life Examples of Triangles


In mathematics, a triangle is known as the most important shape. A triangle is a plane figure and this plane figure consists of three sides and three angles. Based on the sides and angles, there are various types of triangles. Some essential types of the triangles are scalene triangle, isosceles triangle and right-angled triangle etc. As a teacher, if we want to make our lecture effective, we have to give real-life examples. Its reason is that students can learn concepts effectively with the help of real-life examples. If you are teaching types of triangles to the students, you should also explain your concept by giving real-life examples.

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Here, we will discuss real-life examples of triangles.

Sailing Boat

In the past, the shape of the sailing boats was square. Nowadays, almost all the sailing boats have the triangular shape. With the help of this triangular shape, the ships can travel the long distances by using the technique of tacking. This tacking allows the ships to move forward. While giving the example of the sailing boats in the class, you can show a triangular sailing boat on the projector. If the projector is not available, you can show this triangular shape with the help of charts.


All the roofs of the houses are not made of the triangular shapes. Anyhow, if you are living in such areas where snow falls, you will observe that most of the roofs of the houses will be the triangular shape. These roofs are the best examples of the obtuse triangle. Its reason is that one angle is greater than 90 degrees. The main aim of creating these kinds of roofs is that these roofs don’t allow to stand water or snow for a longer time on the roofs.


Ladders and staircases are very common things in our houses. While teaching different types of triangles, when you are giving the concept of the right-angle triangle, you can give the example of the ladders and staircases. Its reason is that these staircases and ladders are built on the concept of the right-angle triangle. When you place a ladder against the wall, the ladder makes a right-angle triangle with the wall. When you give this practical example of the right-angle triangle to the students, they will never forget it because they have to come across with staircases and ladders daily.

Sandwiches or Pizzas

Most of the students start their day by eating sandwiches or pizzas. These sandwiches and pizzas are also triangular shapes. When you give this practical example of the triangular shape, your students will never forget it. Whenever the mothers of your students present these sandwiches in the breakfast, they will remember the concept of the triangular shape. These sandwiches are available in different shapes. According to researchers, most of the children like the triangular shape of the sandwiches than other shapes of the sandwiches. These sandwiches are also handy. Students can also bring them in their lunch boxes. When they eat these sandwiches in a group, they also discuss them.

Finding the height of a mountain

To find the height of a mountain, we use the concept of the right-angle triangle. You can also give the concept of the right-angle by calculating the height of a mountain. For this reason, you will have to show a picture of a mountain to the students. While showing the picture of the mountain, you should try to know how scientists use a right-angle triangle to find out the height of the mountain. This thing will also provide an idea to the students that these shapes have some uses in our practical life.

Buildings and towers

Nowadays, most of the artists are trying to make buildings appealing and interesting for the viewers. For this reason, they have to make building different from traditional buildings. Some buildings are made by using the concept of triangles. The best examples of these kinds of buildings are the Eiffel Tower. To clear the concept of the students, you can show the picture of the Eiffel Tower. You should also tell the students how this triangular shape of the building has provided extra strength to the building.

Truss Bridges

The truss bridges are constructed in the triangular shape. Its reason is that these truss bridges are supporting structures. These supporting structures can easily distribute the weight of the bridges without changing their proportions. When force is applied on the rectangular shape of the bridges, these triangular shapes flatten this force. If we don’t incorporate these triangular shapes in the bridges, these bridges will be weak. As a result, these bridges can’t bear the extra force. If your students have not seen these bridges, you can also show the pictures of these bridges to the students.


The pyramids are the ancient monuments in Egypt. The shape of these pyramids is tetrahedral. These pyramids have four sides. These four sides of the pyramids are converged at a single point at the top of this shape. These shapes are known as the mysteries for human beings. Anyhow, these four sides of the pyramids are creating four equilateral triangles. Therefore, you can give this practical example of the triangles when you are teaching the concept of an equilateral triangle to the students.

Traffic Signs

In our daily life, we have to move from one place to another place. While travelling from one place to another place, we have to follow some specific traffic rules. These traffic rules are specified in the form of traffic signs. These traffic signs are also the best real-life examples of the equilateral triangles. Its reason is that all the sides of these traffic signs are equal in length.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle is also the best example of the triangular shape. The Bermuda triangle is still a mystery for the world. Its reason is that when ships and aircraft visit this place, these ships and aircraft disappear mysteriously. By giving the example of the Bermuda triangle, you can also clear the concept of the triangular shape. Its reason is that the story of the Bermuda triangle will be interesting for the students.