Creative Vacation Bible School Themes for Your Church


Planning a Vacation Bible School can be a fulfilling yet challenging task. VBS provides an opportunity for you to pour into the lives of children while having fun.

95% of parents say that Vacation Bible School was a positive experience for their children. To keep the satisfaction rate this high, you need to plan an engaging, educational camp!

If you’ve done any research, you know that there are a bunch of themes to choose from. It’s fun to look through ideas, but you may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of options.

Keep reading to hear our top suggestions for Vacation Bible School themes!

Out of This World

A space-themed VBS presents a great opportunity to share God’s love for the world. In addition, it’s easy to find decorations!

Let your imagination run wild with this theme. There’s no limit to your creativity. Reach for the stars and have fun!

A Camping Adventure

Camping is an experience that is educational, fun, and challenging. As your VBS campers learn about the great outdoors, they’ll also be learning about the Creator of the Universe.

This is one of our favorite Vacation Bible School themes. There are so many options for fun decorations, unique snacks, and enriching games.

Sunny Days

There’s so much potential with this VBS theme, from the play on “Son” to the numerous songs about sunshine. Create a bright, cheerful environment for your young campers to shine in!

Focus your Bible lessons around the idea that the earth can’t support life without the sun, just like we wouldn’t have eternal life without God’s son. Let your campers ask questions and dig deeper into the necessity of God’s forgiveness in their lives.

The Jungle of Life

Give kids a chance to escape from the everyday stresses of life. In the Jungle of Life VBS, your campers will learn that life isn’t always easy, but God is always there to help.

With a jungle-themed VBS, you have plenty of options for Bible Buddies in the form of jungle animals. Whether you have Timothy the Tiger or Martha the Monkey, you’re likely to find kids enthralled by the exciting characters.

Beach Cool Down

Everyone loves to spend summer at the beach, so why not bring the beach to VBS? Throw on your flip-flops and sunglasses and create a VBS that kids are sure to remember!

A beach-themed VBS makes popsicles in the middle of the day perfectly acceptable. While campers are enjoying their cold treat, remind them that God is there for them if they ever need to take a moment to “cool down.” This reminder could lead to a great conversation about trusting God with your burdens!

Choose the Right Vacation Bible School Theme

When finalizing your decision about what vacation bible school theme to go with, choose what best suits your church. Get inspired and share God’s love with the next generation.

If you’re looking for more ideas and inspiration for summer activities, check out our blog!