Green Businesses: 6 Eco-Friendly Ideas to Try

Green city concept

Are you an aspiring or existing business owner with a desire to be as eco-friendly as possible? It’s fantastic to see that the world seems to be waking up to the fact that we don’t treat our planet as we should, and millions of people are doing their part to change it.

But what can you do as a business owner? You may have all the best intentions but aren’t sure exactly what ‘green businesses’ are, or how to change your existing business to be kinder to the planet.

We’re here to help! Keep reading as we explore some eco-friendly workplace tips.

1. Make the Most of Natural Light

Before we start giving out tips about all of the eco-friendly lighting options available to you, we should first encourage the use of the greenest source of light there is—that big ball of burning gas almost 150 million km away!

Natural light from the sun is the best way to light any workplace. Large windows, skylights, or even glass panel walls are all ways to keep those beams flooding in throughout the day.

Your colleagues and employees will thank you too because, on top of it helping you on the journey of going green, natural light will have a positive impact on mental health.

2. New Business? Be Aware of Construction Materials

If you’re just getting started on your business adventure, you might be looking to build your own premises.

While it might be easiest to submit plans to a contractor and let them deal with the materials, you can give yourself some peace of mind if you encourage the use of green construction materials.

Concrete sustainability might not be something you’re familiar with, but it’s great to know that one of the most used materials is eco-friendly.

3. Utilize Motion Sensors

Something simple you can implement is motion sensor technology in your lighting, whether in a warehouse or an office.

There’s no need to have all the lights on, all the time at work. Corridors and hallways waste a huge amount of light when they’re not in use, and motion-sensing lights can solve this.

4. Know the Difference Between Off and Standby

When you’ve finished using your television or computer, do you power it off or leave it to go on standby?

In the context of a large office, 15-20 computers left on standby will use the same amount of power as one computer that is powered on. Consider this waste of power every night of the year.

It quickly adds up, so you can save money and the planet by powering off your computers!

5. Create a Cycling Incentive

Consider giving your employees a reward for cycling to work. Something like a bicycle allowance or cash incentives.

Doing so will make a huge difference to the carbon footprint of your business.

6. Embrace Remote Working

The COVID-19 pandemic made remote working a necessity for many. Before you encourage employees to get back to the office, consider the impact that not traveling to work has on the environment.

Green Businesses Are the Future

With the world becoming more and more eco-aware, green businesses most certainly aren’t going away. Utilizing just a few of the tips we’ve outlined here will help you on your way to being a force for good when it comes to the environment.

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