Here’s Why Ceiling Speakers are Worth the Investment


Before HDTV and surround sound became popular, televisions had built-in speakers. It was all that’s needed to watch a good show and enjoy a relaxing time. Nowadays, home theatre systems have become more affordable and Australians are shifting their attention to speaker setups and various other digital components. 

If you own a home theatre, you would understand the complexities of setting up the whole entertainment system. Not only will you have to deal with bulky equipment, but you have to organize the long stretches of wirings attached to the components and the speakers. 

One great alternative to removing all the nuisances of home theatre setup are ceiling speakers. These components are a great investment and they remove all the inconveniences of building an entertainment hub. 

Ceiling speakers Offer an Obstacle-free Setup

Bulky speakers and subwoofers dominate most living spaces. Ceiling speakers will allow you to clear the space and give you room for hanging paintings or photographs. 

Ceiling speakers are passive sound receivers, which means they do not have a built-in amplifier. Instead, units receive their power supply via the speaker cable, which runs on an external amplifier. 

Ceiling speakers make a wonderful addition to your home theatre system because of its immersive sound. Most high-end ceiling speakers are rich with features like renaming, audio grouping, and individual playing, which can be done through wireless connectivity.

Get an Easy and Cost-effective Installation Process

Unlike most wall-mounted speakers that require a lot of time for installation, ceiling speakers offer seamless integration with their design. These components can be installed through the ceiling’s cavities which makes installations easier. 

Additionally, wires can be carefully threaded around wall cavities to make them invisible to the eye. If you cannot run speaker cables behind the ceiling, a Bluetooth-controlled component would be a better choice. 

There are limitless options for your home speaker system given the advancement of technologies. Opting for ceiling speakers that do not require an amplifier or do not have cables is the right solution if you want an easy and fast setup process. 

Ceiling Speakers Offer Layout Flexibility 

Choosing to mount your home theatre speakers in the ceiling will not only create extra space. Unlike the regular equipment where you have to think about the speaker’s positions, with a ceiling-mounted speaker you do not have to worry about its position and where furniture should go. 

Opting for a ceiling speaker offers layout flexibility because you do not have to position and reposition everything around it. As such, you are giving more working space than cabinet-type speakers, which takes up critical space in your room. 

You can also have the option of buying a swiveling ceiling speaker if you want to have the freedom of adjusting sound output concentration. A swiveling ceiling speaker won’t confine your sound system to one area of the room because it can be adjusted as you like.


Ceiling speaker placement is critical in achieving the right surround sound output you are looking for. But aside from that, saving space is one of the biggest benefits you will get when opting for such a component. There are many other benefits when choosing a ceiling installed speaker system because of its simple installation and compatibility with any home theatre system.